Image Description: A drawing of Symone (Black drag queen) walking in a crosswalk. Symone is wearing a multi-color jumpsuit (pink, blue, yellow and black) with shopping bags in her hands. Drawing by: Rikdrawsthings on Instagram.

Symone is in the bottom two. She knows it — everyone knows it. But we also know that the bottom is not clever enough to hold her hostage. She’ll always be free and able to break dem shackles- similar to Olivia lip syncing Mary Mary. …

Image Description: Beautiful drawing of Chi Chi DeVayne — Chi Chi is wearing a blue dress, draped with beads around the arms, accessorized with a gold necklace, nose ring, earrings, and bracelets. All capped off with the perfect brown afro. Drawing by Rikdrawsthings on Instagram.

I miss Chi Chi DeVayne.
The queen who labeled herself the cheap queen;
the queen who lip synced upside down during the Pitch Perfect challenge;
the queen who served us Eartha Kit in the Snatch Game, brilliantly rifting with RuPaul and Bob the Drag Queen;
the queen who gave us an emmy worthy lipsync…

In memory my beautiful sibling, Dr. Sheltreese McCoy

This piece is for us, cuties.

Relax, and let’s not be concerned with the folks who only experience us as laborers, as fixers and as dehumanized outliers. Let’s recognize and speak our truth because we have the moral and ethical high-ground. Cause…

Image Description: Widow Von Du (drag queen and star) dressed immaculately in all Black with their fist in the Black power position.

I want to thank you, Widow.

As a Black fat queer non-binary femme, I’m blessed to have you as a possibility model — experiencing you living your dreams and passions boldly and earnestly is liberating in many ways. Because of you, I now want to teach my Black fat body…

Image Description: Two Assumed Black women sitting at a white table together, smiling and gazing at each other. Both have notepads as if taking notes. Human on the left wearing a black dress and human on the white wearing blue blazer and white tank. The photo is taken in front of large windows. Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

Unqualified white and cis folks love to hire other unqualified white and cis folks in higher education. Habitually hiring a traditional white candidate with very little skill and experience around identity, power, privilege, and liberation, instead of hiring a person who knows these concepts intimately. Departments consistently hire this traditional

Image Description: photo of a Black fat queer human. This is my interpretation of queer Harry Potter — black cape, gold sweater, maroon undershirt, glasses, hoop earrings, a black head wrap, and a lighting bolt on the right cheek mimicking a beauty mark. I chose a picture of myself to center Black folxs like me.

Content Warning: Full transparency, this piece centers Black cisgender heterosexual folks which means as a Black fat queer person I hope you all decide to tip. And for my Black queer and trans family make sure to click on all the links in this piece for a little joy.

For my good Judys, Sirisha and Darren! Happy Belated Birthday, Loves.

Image Description: Miss Honey Davenport looking like dripping chocolate. Exposed beautiful brown skin from shoulders to head. Wearing a black lip with black eye shadow and black nails. Exquisite bee earrings and a golden crown made for a Greek god.

Miss Honey Davenport snatched 18 pageant crowns before entering the workroom on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11(RPDR). She’s that girl we all thought she was. She’s witty, fashionable, determined, and the cool cat of the season.

Miss Honey is…

Cody Charles

shhh…i’m writing here.

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