Hey! This is the first piece of our blog series — ‘Face the Case’. Now, unlike many other blogs, what makes this different is the perspective of our own Alumni. They have been a part of the IIT G culture for long; they know things we might not. The following blog is not only for someone who is enthusiastic about business problems, but also for someone who is looking to excel in almost any field.

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IIT Guwahati graduates Nilesh Raj, Shubham Anand, Kartik Bhargava and Shreyas Gajpal shared their amazing case study experiences during their B.Tech life in this interview. Before we move to their experiences, let us have a look at what they have accomplished in the case study domain.

Together, they have cracked just way too many competitions! To list a few:

· National Champions — ICC IIT Kgp

· Finalist — Axis Moves 2017

· National Finalist — P&G ITBC

· India Finalist — IMA Student Case Competition.

· India delegate — World Business Dialogue

What inspired them to take business challenges?

They had participated in a plethora of college events and competitions, only after which they realized their passion in consulting, management and business related fields. However, most of these in-campus activities could not quench their thirst for greater challenges. They wanted to explore the outside world and then they came across ICC, inspired by their seniors who had participated in the GBC (Global Business Challenge).

Their mantra for building an effective team?

Their advice was to get to know colleagues from different walks of life, and for that, get out of your shell and participate in various activities. The skillset and one’s mastery in it should be a deciding factor for choosing a team member, and never their personal closeness to you. Each person brings something new to the table and he should compatible with the group.

How was ICC (Indian Case Challenge)?

ICC is a prominent case competition for juniors and has two rounds. First round was a simple business case in which they had to make a presentation on a lean manufacturing case and they got shortlisted in top 10 teams out of 600 across the nation. It was a fabulous learning experience for them, especially regarding representation of any idea in a professional way, as the presentation was as important as the solution itself. The final round was a typical case challenge in which they had to propose solutions to the issues of a company.

Then they revealed their secret to this marvelous success to us. It was nothing but the sheer amount of efforts they put in the competition. They divided the workload among team members, performed extensive research and took bright initiatives like reaching out to their contacts in the industry to get a more informed insight. “Everyone can provide data, the difference lies in how one presents the data with out-of-the-box ideas. One should never underestimate opponents and try to gain new experiences which are unrelated to typical engineering domain

What about IMA?

Finally, they spoke about their participation in IMA (Institute for Management Accountants), an intense case competition purely based on accounting, organized by firms around the globe. Their main aim was to solve problems and case studies and hence were intrigued by it. It was being organized in India for the first time and they took the golden opportunity, regardless of the fact that accounting wasn’t something they knew already.

Their advice for all of us was to participate in various competitions to gain more knowledge and skills, and to step out of one’s respective domain.

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Credits: Utkarsh Aggarwal (Sophomore)

Edit credits: Yash Kulkarni (Sophomore)