Why You Should be Planning for 2018, Not 2017.
Benjamin P. Hardy

“Living Choice”

Very valuable, Benjamin,

great approach from the linear space-time continuum concept to a contextual view of Being and Now. We all did choose this “school”.

Planning is choosing a specific being within something we call future. Looking closer there’s only Now. By planning we (slowly) move into a different form of being within (a next) Now.

It’s useful to use the concept we call calender. Till a certain point, where it starts to become a “prison”. Living by design, living choice, is a matter of being in now. Embracing and letting be who I am in this very moment.

Thank you for opening up a view into bigger dimensions. Moving forward within the basic questions “Who am I?” and “What am I doing here?” Each of our moments are the actual active answer to these both.

Blessings & Brilliants

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