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Your Why

Why Ask Why?

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Setting Your Intention

Years ago when I began this journey to become financially free, my intention was to live the life that I wanted to live. To control my time. To make my own decisions. To pursue my own goals. Money was just a tool to help me achieve those goals.

Along the way, many unexpected challenges have arisen. Some of these challenges were financial. Some choices led me down the wrong path. Other situations tested my faith. The toughest decisions led me to meet the wrong people in the wrong situations.

Whenever these challenges popped up and my plans went awry, it always helped me to go back to my “why.” Why do I need to keep going? Why do I need to learn that next lesson? Why do I need to take this new action? Why do I want to work for myself? Why do I want to build my own businesses?

In my darkest days, the answer always came down to living the life that is right for ME.

And for you my dear reader, it may also come down to living the life YOU want to live.

The Process of Becoming the New YOU

To achieve my fiancial goals I knew there was much learning to do. Who I was then was not who I imagined I would be later in life.

I had many questions eventually had to be answered:

What is money? How does money work? How do you make more? What does it take to start a business?

At the time I had almost zero education about money. I grew up in a middle class family and while we never were lacking in the basic necessities, money was always a problem.

At the time I set the intention to become financially free, I also had really bad credit. I did not really understand how crucial a good credit score was and I suffered because of that ignorance.

So I decided to study credit scores. I learned what a FICO score is. I learned about the credit utilization ratio. I learned about paying your bills on time. I learned about collections and how long it takes for them to leave your credit report. I began to understand what I needed to do to repair my credit score.

After fixing certain items on my credit score and combining this with the passage of time my credit score steadily improved. Years later, my credit score (and income) were good enough to qualify for a mortgage!

After this first lesson in the world of money, I came to the realization that WHO I was that day was not who I wanted to be in the future. I was a financially illiterate person that day. I knew nothing about credit scores therefore I had bad credit. Once I learned about how credit worked I was able to improve my credit. I knew nothing about money and investing therefore I did not have much. So I set to improve my knowledge about money, business, and investing.

Through my process of learning and change, I learned that the process of becoming financially free had nothing to do about money!

It became a question of WHO I wanted to become.

It became a question of WHAT I would do to earn my money.

Money was the just the result of this transformative process.

Some people will go to school for years, attend medical school, and then become a doctor. These people become a physician and will treat patients to make their money.

Others will study about the different components of a car. They will learn what a transmission is. Or what a suspension is. These people may fix cars to make their money.

Many of the writers on here, write fascinating articles for their audience. They practice their writing like Lebron James practices his jumpshots. These people may write books to make their money.

Get to Work!

In the comments below, tell me WHY you desire financial freedom (if you do of course).

Tell me WHO you want to become in the process and WHAT you will do to earn your money.


The process of becoming financially free has more to do with WHO you become and WHAT you do.

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