Black Friday

Special Offer from Agile Audio Dashboards™

Friends, Romans, Techies … lend me an ear:

A special “Black Friday Only” offer for my first thirteen (13) colleagues in the USA. Once this offer is gone, its gone!

Are you considering (or own) an Amazon Alexa Echo “Show” device? The one with video? By the way, Amazon is running their own Black Friday special on that Alexa powered device, now just $179.99 (a savings of $50.00).

The offer: Our Afients AudioBiz Helpdesk package is normally $99 per month when you buy an annual subscription and includes “face to face” support (most likely with yours truly) via the Echo Show for most anything Alexa related. But if you also buy us an Echo Show, the first three months of our Helpdesk service are free! No contract required.

Normally this would cost $297 but free TODAY if you agree to buy a brand new matching Echo Show. This will allow us to support you face-to-face! How cool is that?

Something to consider, right? Link to purchase:

In Black:

In White:

P.S. Why offer this crazy promotion? What is the business lesson? We need devices to offer businesses a trial of our audio dashboards, so this is a bootstrapping tactic to acquire inventory without cash outlay.

P.P.S. In fact, allow me to sweeten the deal: call me right now and get an extra month of support! That is four months of Amazon Alexa “face-to-face” support — over $200 in savings! ($396–$179.99 = $216.01)

Call or TXT: 330–992–4754 and I will give you my thanks and our address.

The clock is ticking on this limited (and crazy!) offer.