Interview yourself as listening to yourself can be the best thing you can do!

Were you ever a part of the end or the beginning of something huge? Maybe its time for that interview with yourself.

They say history repeats itself and it is amazing that in a lot of ways it does, sometimes for the good and of course some times for the not so good, but what you take from it and what you learn from your experience is what is most important.

When was the last time you second guessed yourself and you were right? We were all created with a “sixth sense” to protect us from falling prey to danger and at the same time to help move us along to make that move that could be life changing in a most positive way.

Some refer to it as vibes, others just say they had a feeling and believe it or not a great majority while do get certain feelings of should I or shouldn’t I, totally ignore those feelings.

Now it is only my opinion, but I recommend paying more attention to what your gut is telling you, and sometimes it is also good to breathe a little bit and stay away from those rash, knee jerk reactions!

With human nature it can be most difficult to not listen to that little voice inside of your head, the mind is a most powerful thing that we are all born with and to pay attention and learn as we go through life with the ups and downs that are just a part of living, as long as you are becoming a stronger human being and an asset to yourself as well as those around you, by making a difference and increasing your center of influence

around you, in your business life, you should be fine, just do a little something every single day to achieve your daily goals.

The sixth sense, the subconscious mind, the conscious mind, the deep thoughts that go into our daily living are for the most part an asset to you and you should continue to listen to what your gut tells you. Your mind is recommending what your next move is going to be, but listen and decide, it is ok to talk to yourself the only crazy thing about that, is that most people don’t and they act without much information about themselves or what effect this particular decision will have on the lives moving forward.

We were all born with a great body, mind and soul of super intelligence, and it makes sense to keep it all in tact, whether it be through exercise, proper eating habits -nutrition, keep a clear mind, remember the one saying, Sound Body, Sound Mind, what you add to the game is what keeps you going, your Heart!

Whatever it is your going to do with your personal life and your business life, you have to go all in and you have to be all Heart into pursuing what you desire deep within your soul and you will achieve great things and be an asset to the community and those around you, that you love, respect and care about the most.

Each morning when you arise, just spend 15 minutes of quiet time with your thoughts and just listen, yes prayer would be helpful. Just listen to what your thoughts are telling you or what your mind is revealing to you and how you should pursue whatever it is that is most important to you.

Have an awesome day and a great life, achieving success that you were born to attain in your lifetime.

Robert J Willis Okuszka is a blogger who feels that the more people he reaches out through his music of blogging as well as song, he can make many come forward and share there own music, there own talents from there soul. The more positive energy the better as we collectively share our gifts with the world.