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November 28 2015

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Aasgierr and the Future (featuring an exclusive interview with the Chieftain of Clann Brokrr and representative of the Aasgeirren Provisional Council, TheBadgerKing)

Aasgierr is a nation in the eastern continent of the world. It has an interesting political system, and is a neutral nation. The Aasgierr are composed of many different Clanns, and are quite friendly towards other nations.


Aqua: What is your role in Aasgierr?

TheBadgerKing: Firstly, thank you for taking time out of your schedule and coming to me for this interview. I am the Chieftain of the Clann Brokkr, and representative of the Aasgeirren Provisional Council. I am in charge of Aasgeirren foreign relations.

Aqua: Could you tell us about some information about Aasgierr, especially concerning the government?

TheBadgerKing: The Aasgeirr are a collection of tribes bound together by common cultural, linguistic, and religious traditions. We have formed the Aasgeirren Provisional Council, to lead us in this transitional period.

The Provisional Council is comprised of five Chieftains, representing Clann Boli, Clann Brokkr, Clann Dyr, Clan Hraefn, and Clann Vargr, respectively. In addition, Acierepaix, Furalnir, and Iudea have been awarded non-voting seats and observer status on the Council.

All situations involving more than two Clanns, in addition to military and foreign affairs, must be voted on by the Council. These votes must be unanimous. It is this way to create an atmosphere of compromise, so that while not everyone gets exactly what they want, everyones concerns are addressed.

Aqua: How does Aasgierr view other nations?

The BadgerKing: The Aasgeirr are favorable towards Acierepaix, Coastaro, Furalnir, and Iudea, while neutral to all other parties. We pride ourselves on our neutrality.

Aqua: What does Aasgierr have planned for the future?

TheBadgerKing: The Aasgeirr are currently codifying our government by talks on a constitutional convention, as well as codifying our religion. For physical works, we are creating a road system in the Western Riverlands region. We are also working creating a semi-autonomous city between Aasgeirr and Iudea, that will act as a trade hub in the Western Riverlands.

Aqua: Personally, why do you think people should join Aasgierr?

TheBadgerKing: The community in the Aasgeirr is top-notch. Each Clann has a dynamic culture and traditions unique to itself and when combined with the culture of the Aasgeirr as a whole, it makes for a rewarding experience. We enjoy roleplaying a Norse tribal society, so if that sounds like something you enjoy, you’d fit in well here.

Aqua: In terms of economics, what does Aasgierr plan on doing?

TheBadgerKing: Ah, economics. I can’t say much at the moment, but we are planning a resource based economy revolving nutritional values of food. Being wheat producers, it is what we know, it is what we use. We will go further into the specifics of the economy in a separate interview.

Aqua: Do you personally have any concerns about nations/things on the server?

TheBadgerKing: This is a personal opinion and not reflective of the collective opinion of Clann Brokkr or the Aasgeirren Provisional Council, but I am unsettled by the atmosphere within certain subsets of the community. Outright hostility and glee at other’s suffering is not something I am pleased by. Alas, I must focus internally and help my nation prosper.

Aqua: Would Aasgierr be interested in starting trade deals/alliances with other nations?

TheBadgerKing: Such matters are handled on a case by case basis before the Aasgeirren Provisional Council, but we are open to all offers of trade and alliance.

Aqua: How developed (buildings etc.) would you consider Aasgierr to be at the moment?

TheBadgerKing: Our nation is young and we are still building. We have begun diverting a river and have been doing large scale terraforming of our domain. Each and every day we grow by leaps and bounds. Check back with us in a week to see the progress.

Aqua: What is Aasgierr’s religion, and could you describe it to us?

TheBadgerKing: The Aasgeirr follow the faith of Pixelism. For the most part, it is the following of the All-Pixel, who leads the Aesir and the Vanir, in addition to respecting the Pixels which make up all things. In a later interview we will go into specifics.

The Circadian Observer would like to thank TheBadgerKing for his time and effort for this interview. Aasgierr has a very interesting future, it seems, and the newspaper will be closely reporting on its next plans.

OFR declares independence, support from other nations

The leader of the former Omerican Federal Republic, which was earlier annexed by a coalition force consisting of the Metepecs, Rijeka and followers of Lavai. Joined by Kauai, and internationally recognized by the Aasgierr, the Omerican Federal Republic seems to have returned. However, the claims of the OFR are revised. The former OFR territory now belonging to the United Occidental States has not been claimed, however Rijekan Draycott and the surrounding area has.

Originally, the claim released by Omuck3, the leader of the OFR was met with staunch criticism, due to being too large. However, the OFR has since trimmed it’s claims into a relatively smaller nation.

New OFR claims. Image provided by OFR leader Omuck3

UOS in ‘state of emergency’

After claiming to close borders due to a series of terrorist attacks, the UOS leader ncordo has now declared a Level 4 state of emergency, claiming the United Occidental States is now ‘on the brink of war’. Borders are now closed, with ncordo saying “Recently it has come to my attention that a person who is affiliated with the UOS has been pearled by outkast merely for following Baron to Metpec. This member was innocent and did not in any way assist in the pearling of a metpect [Metepec] citizen. Peaceful solutions are hoping to be made but war will be an option if a compromise is not made. Once again, war will be an option. Also, the OFR independence may also pose a threat to the UOS. The UOS may get involved with this conflict which is causing me to issue a heightened state of emergency. All citizens are being asked to stay within the UOS and not attend ANY diplomatic meetings, foreign trade requests, or leave UOS territory at all.”

According to outkast of the Metepec Empire, the UOS has peacefully resolved its dispute with the Metepecs.

The Circadian Observer would like to recommend for all non-UOS citizens to stay clear of the borders for the time being.

Deadlands dissolved and land giveaway

The Outlaw Leader of the Deadlands, doctacake has announced that the Deadlands is now formally dissolved, and is giving away it’s land. The Deadlands former land is now split between the Republic of Mandis, the Khaganate, and the Traveller’s Association. Originally, the land was intended to be given to Coastaro, but doctacake noted that Coastaro already had large amounts of land, so gave it to the Traveller’s Association instead.

Claims map released by doctacake

Picarona citizen attacks passerby

Yesterday, a citizen of Picarona, poortea, attacked WhitefireW, a passerby. After an official apology from Picarona leader Poulet_Poulet, who told WhitefireW he was going to contact poortea about it, it is reported by the Republic of Mandis that poortea is to face trial for grief as well.

However, it should be noted that poortea was a newcomer, and may have been confused or unsure as to what was going on. As Thack_O of Picarona says, he is “not a dangerous person, just kinda derpy”

Following the apology and other messages, WhitefireW said on Reddit, “After having listened in on all of your views, I have decided to completely forgive poortea as I now believe that his intentions were good and true. I don’t think he should be punished harshly for all of this, but I still believe that he should be conversed to about what happened specifically so that we can make all of this clear. I have no say in any other matters of him outside of Picarona though as I have no idea of what happened.”

Babel bridge plans

Babel has announced its Castle Bridge Project. It is estimated to be completed within 3 months.

View of Castle Bridge so far. Image provided by Sniper-X-3, Babel Ambassador
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