The top 5 elements of effective email templates

OK! This article says nothing about how to make money online, SEO or WordPress tricks. This article will talk about the elements that make up the most effective email templates. That does not mean that this article is only about writing email letter with a bunch of non-purpose words. The knowledge in this post supports me quite well in doing Affiliate Marketing (typically Clickbank)! With more than 3 year experience of grinding my ass doing “aff”, I also have a bit experience to show.

In fact, there are many elements to create effective email templates, but in order to “catch” and get you here, I summarize them into 5 major elements.


Of course, even the silliest kid can say that. Content is the most important element for all marketing strategies, not only email. However, if I don’t mention it, this post will miss an important piece. So, I take it up to the top and also say not too much because you have already known how important it is. An email with a good idea of building the content always occupies the winning spot. In my opinion, content for a good email is not long. I don’t want to say that it should be short because many of you will say it depends on each email’s properties. No matter what those properties are, you should try to shorten the email in the simplest way for any campaign of yours.

Email content should be clear, and crisp and full of integrity. So what if you have a long-story idea? The solution is that you should divide it up into several emails and send, connect your customers with the story through short emails. It will be easier than just dumping a wall of text in their faces. You should be careful to not confuse the content or interrupt it by email with other content.


Like I said above, I don’t encourage you to have a long email with lots of words. You should try to reduce and restrict writing long content but optimizing it, then you’ll see the result of having effective email templates immediately!

Try to make a balance of the important level in your email content from the beginning to the end. Why is that? My simple thinking gives 3 cases for you to understand:

Case 1: the importance level of the email DESCENDS from the beginning to the end.

Do you want your recipients to read the email to its bottom? If the answer is yes then you should not in this case. Because if the importance level descends from the beginning to the end, it would make the focus level of customers descends too. In bad cases, before customers turn your email off, they have not taken action at all, or they don’t even remember a little about it.

Case 2: the importance level of the email ASCENDS from the beginning to the end.

If you are in the type of writing emails according to the emotions of the story, then this is it. But you, sir, the type of writing a story to get sales is way too boring. Seriously, would you keep it that way? Open the email normally, then boosting the customers’ emotion and get sales? If you follow this way, then you should pray that the customer read through the first boring part before they exit your email.

Case 3: the level of important always in a BALANCE along the email

The only result: the possibility for customers to read your whole email is very high. Everything should balance because what your customers really need is a true review — a sharp and balanced assessment of the pros and cons, the benefits they have when using your product… Your customers want to be the true decision makers!

You should use sub-headers, sub-titles with wise ideas throughout the email so your clients can browse the content and see if it fits them or not.

Creating “See more” button also helps clients who are truly interested in your effective email templates to learn more information while still not affecting the length of your email.


Almost customers have very little time to scan through email information to get what you say. Therefore, you should prioritize the information which is simple to understand, so the customer can get it easily.

Your email should be clean rather than being “colored” too much. Often, the email should be sent in white background and clear font which make your email look friendly. Also, if you want to create the trademark of yourself, you can still do it but it should be comfortable for customers’ eyes.

The CTA buttons should be placed evenly from the top to the bottom and there should be only 2 or 3 of them, or it would be too many.


Being a loyalty marketer, I always stay with a design for one specific email marketing campaign. I just change the layout and the rest still keep being in style of the overall design to create brand for that campaign.

Simple, clean design will often easily fit with the majority, so you should not change it or make it complicated. My design heads to the simple but often “luxurious”. Each of my emails will often follow 1 single tones. The CTA buttons have the featured color and others will use the same color to create branding for the campaign.

The font in the email should be clear, easy to read and there should not be more than 2 fonts in an email. Font size should be about 14–16px. The font should match the email content and your brand.

As I said a little above, building brand for the campaign is quite important. It helps customers to easily identify that those emails are yours, not anyone else. You should insert the logo, the slogan… of the email campaign you are doing. If is a long-term campaign, and more important again if you want customers to recognize you in the “crowd” brand out there.


A call to action (CTA) is always a highlight for your email which lets customers know they have to do. To get the maximum ROI for your Email Marketing campaign, the CTA is always indispensable elements. CTA should match the subjects towards which you are heading. Detailed call to action will have a higher interaction than generic ones. For example instead of “Download NOW”, you should use “Download DW-Argo NOW”.


The above is only 5 of my subjective elements through the process of using Email Marketing as a tool for the campaigns to make money online. I hope that it has helped you somehow. According to you, what factors should be noticed to make effective email templates? You can add comments right below then I can update them on the post! Thanks and good luck!