The increased necessity and growth of mobile apps has paved way for a source of online fraud. Unlicensed mobile apps imitating companies attract consumers to download and install such apps on their phones.

According to the Fraud- detection firm Forensiq about $1 billion of the advertising money is being lost to quacks in a number of ways — which encompasses malicious apps that take control of mobile phones and turn them into an ad-viewing botnet.

This is one of the enlarging lists of embezzlement ways invading the app market but is rarely discussed. For instance, in the Android platform the open source code has been employed/utilized to “steal” downloads. By duplicating the app’s code and building an APK file from it, the entire code within the app is “owned” and this importantly comprises the tracking code. An “app store” containing real apps separately from the Google Play Store is created when the APK File is connected to a website. Charlatans have advanced this to the next possible way recently. Apart from making money through downloads & in-app purchases, they also do it by invading and taking control of the authentic marketing movement for the application from an associated program.

Forensiq from its extensive analysis has found out that 13% of the cumulative mobile app list face threat along with 14% of the apps available on Android, iOS and Windows Platforms. It is noted that deceit was found in more than 12 million separate devices with installed applications. In this calculation, 1 % of such devices are noted in the US with 2 to 3% observed in Europe and Asia . In addition to such dangerous apps, Forensiq stated that it observed some ad-less apps appearing in its inspection of advertisement behavior indicating that other apps are making a hoax of their distinct identifiers

The tricksters become more experienced as people fight back. To eliminate this sequence, brands and developers need to openly converse about the cheating they have encountered and share their understanding. Experience will help the developer sector to tackle quacks and anticipate their future practices .

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