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Through the history of roofing, even the most resiliant roof has its time when it needs to be replaced with new, technologically improved materials which will last for decades. Whether you’re redesigning your home, commercial establishment or just need to replace your old and worn roof with a brand new one, having a new roof comes with a range of benefits that will improve the quality of your life and business.

Roofing products such as ZINCALUME®, COLORBOND® or those made out of pure Aluminium are characterized by durability, ability to resist sun heat and high performance. Furthermore, they are highly resistant against mechanical damage and erosion brought on by, for example, exposure to salt breeze or chemicals frequently encountered in industrial areas. To get more information about roofing products which best fit the area where your building is located, please call Roofing Services Queensland.

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Design Flexibility

If you’re trying to find a roofing product that can be adjusted to practically any style, COLORBOND® steel will likely be your best shot. BlueScope Steel and Fielders have a number of visually attractive profiles and beautiful colours inside their offer. Picking colours from COLORBOND® steel’s large palette will further underline the beauty of your chosen building design. COLORBOND® colours combined with numerous profiles made by Fielders or Lysaght (BlueScope Steel) opens the door for even the boldest architectural choices. To obtain more detailed description of various metal roofing products ask a roofer at Roofing Services Queensland.

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Environment Friendly

COLORBOND® has a wide selection of colours with high Solar Reflectivity (SR) index which in turn won’t let any of the sun heat get into your home, therefore cutting down your air-conditioning energy costs. COLORBOND®’s products which include Surfmist® and Coolmax® exhibit impressive thermal management properties, that have been proved and confirmed in a number of individual tests and performance trials.

Roofing products created from metal are non-toxic and environment-friendly because of their 100% recyclability. That, mixed with their high resilience, are perfect traits for roofing of residential buildings as well as other commercial establishments.

Trustworthy Roofers With A Solid Reputation

Our clients’ satisfaction is what makes our company is successful, therefore we do our utmost to make sure that satisfaction in every single area of our services. Our roofers are trained and experienced, having all licenses and permits to complete roofing services which include handling hazardous materials (Asbestos Roofing Removal) or working at heights.

Call us if you’d like to find out more about roofing materials, products and services carried out at Roofing Services Queensland — our specialist are always eager to assist you in getting as much information as you possibly can. Do not forget that a good roofer is a guarantee that your brand new roof will last for no less than a couple of generations.

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