Did the title of this blog get you here? Or did the word free get you here? Why are you interested in this blog? Do you think we can help your business? Well.. I’m here to tell you that I know we can, especially within the areas of social media. People in this digital era are looking for several things when buying from certain brands and believe it or not Facebook & Instagram are now playing a big role in companies branding. Based on the content and what the social media page is all about really determines whether consumers or other businesses are going to follow you or be even interested in you. If you do not wish to have an audience on these platforms then this will not benefit you.

But if you want to get your social media to a level where it is engaging, its appealing, its modern, its user friendly; then 4WRD will personably audit your business’s social media pages for FREE! Yes for FREE! We put a lot of time into these so if you are serious about us auditing your business and telling you our full honest opinion on your social media then the 4WRD Team is more than happy to genuinely help you out.

This Audit is Consist of:

  • Instagram Audit — Consistency, Content, Engagement, etc.
  • Facebook Audit — Consistency, Content, Engagement, etc.
  • Website — Design, Modern, Level of Appeal, How User Friendly is it, Content, Context, Navigation, etc.
  • List of Things You Are Doing Well
  • Areas of Improvement
  • Where 4WRD envisions your social media going
  • Why Work with 4WRD
  • Overal Social Media Rate: 1–10 & Why

This Audit is going to do several things for you:

  • help you better understand social media and how you can use these platforms to your advantage
  • see where you or your business currently stands in the digital field
  • see where 4WRD envision’s your brand going
  • it will open your eyes to businesses that are doing well on these platforms
  • it will give you the opportunity to fix your social media needs

Thank you for reading! To Sign Up for YOUR FREE AUDIT CLICK THE LINK: https://www.move4wrd.com/freeaudit