Brand Perception on Social Media — How A Multi — Million Dollar Company Improved Theirs

Laughery Valley Ag is a full service retailer established in 1985. They have been serving Farmers, Homeowners, & Commercial Businesses for 90 years & counting. Due to the ever-changing digital world, Laughery came to 4WRD for Website Development & Facebook Advertising.

4WRD built Laughery Valley Ag’s website and currently manages it for them. Apart from the home page, the contact page was the most visited on their new website.

The Facebook Campaign began with the creation of a video commercial that 4WRD directed, recorded, and edited. Once the video was completed we posted it via Facebook & boosted the post to reach more people. The video reached 15,711 people and was viewed 9,100 times. This is Laughery Valley Ag largest engagement post they have seen to date! Their Facebook page follows have increased over 200 people since partnering with 4WRD.

Once the website was launched and the video was done, we combined the two and created a Facebook Advertising Campaign around the video recorded. The goal was to direct people to the website. This campaign has increased Laughery’s branding in the area of Southeastern Indiana and reached their main target demographics.

Please visit their new website and check out their Facebook video at

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