Instagram, Instagram, Instagram… We LOVE the new algorithm! Just Kidding.. Instagram has truly made it harder than ever for businesses, bloggers, and personal brands to thrive & make money digitally. And it is so much harder to grow your following now and it is very hard to get discovered on Instagram yet alone get people to interact with your posts.


So, if you are new to the Instagram thing you might not know what Instagram Engagement means. Basically it is people liking, commenting on your posts on Instagram. When people are consistently liking and commenting your post looks more popular than other accounts simply because it looks more relatable to viewers.


Increasing Engagement can be tricky at first. I mean not everyone gets the same engagement. Some people get more than others, it just depends what niche you are in. However, when ANY engagement happens.. REPLY!! Always reply and say thank you! Unless it is a comment that is irrelevant or if a possible fake account posted it.

A few more ways to increase engagement are to post a story on your Instagram about your new post or try to use a clever caption to get your audience’s attention. Usually successful posts we see are similar to the examples below. These are posts that are simple and leave people wanting to participate.


Another GREAT way is to use a caption saying something along the lines of “Drop a ❤ if you like the video” or whatever it may be.


Another way is to host giveaways, if you have something to give away. People love to get free stuff just for participating in a giveaway on Instagram. Hosting a giveaway might also get you followers, it just all comes down to WHAT you are giving away & how much value it really is to the person participating.

Overall, make your page interesting, fun, and appealing to the eye. Don’t try to get people to engage EVERY time because they won’t. You have to do it on every 3–4 posts to see if people are really liking your content. It all starts with interacting with your followers. Comment on other peoples pictures in hopes that they will do the same on your page.


Good engagement matters for several reasons, especially if you are wanting to grow your brand or business. The more likes and comments your post has the MORE PEOPLE IT IS GOING TO REACH! When your post seems to be more “popular” and “trendy” it is then shown on the explore page, leaving people to discover you. Therefore, More engagement = more people reached = more followers, fans, buyers, whatever it is. At the end of the day, more engagement makes your page look more credible and legit. How many loyal people do you have following you? Engagement is real people. No engagement looks like your account has bots. Work around the Instagram Algorithm and get people to engage with your posts.


Maintaining engagement might be difficult at first but if you are consistent with participating in others people posts then they will hopefully do the same wit your page. Also, to keep your engagement HIGH on your posts be sure to respond to other peoples comments and show them genuine appreciation. Doing this, they will be more likely to comment on your posts again or maybe even bring up your page to a friend or family member, which will continue to grow your IG and your brand. It’s all a part of the industry and being as organic as possible & providing value is going ot be the difference between people loving your page or thinking your page is just average!

Hope you enjoyed this read! If you have questions DM us on Instagram or reach out to us directly at contact4wrd@gmail.com