Believe it or not every successful business is going to video.. and if you aren’t you are behind the wave. I mean the average human wants to SEE and HEAR a companies personality. Are they Genuine? Are they organic? Can I trust them? And it all lies within video and what kind of impact businesses are able to make through video. This is currently something 4WRD is still trying to incorporate because you want to do it in the right way and have the right content going out especially with the right message. If you are just throwing videos after videos out that don’t have a purpose or are just there for filler content it might give people the wrong impression. Do they even care about their brand? This isn’t quality content are they serious? Hm these videos do not interest me… Stuff like that can really steer people away.

You want people to respect your brand and your word and in order to do that you have to respect it yourself! How do you do this? Make them trust you. Show that you are serious about your business, your product, your service, about helping them achieve whatever it may be. You have to show your personality. You have to show the company culture, the faces of the business. Because at the end of the day people are going to like your business even more if you put out a genuine message without being too selly.

Another thing is, numbers do not lie. On Facebook Videos tend to get 5X more exposure and engagement than pictures. That is incredible. That means people are more likely to 1. watch your video and 2. like or comment or share the post!! It makes your business look a more trustworthy simply by having a video of a real person, talking about a genuine message, all on the online platforms.

Here at 4WRD we are currently working with a client and have filmed their commercial video which is getting TONS of exposure on Facebook!