It’s no joke that people out here are getting scammed every single day online. It’s happened to us at 4WRD and if it hasn’t happened to you yet, consider yourself lucky.. It’s hard to know who to really trust now a days, especially when buying something online. I mean you truly do not know who you are buying from or if the products are legit. We’ve seen people sell Barbie size chairs acting like it is a real life human chair and people have tried to sell us fake followers on Instagram. It’s a battle that you have to be aware of or you are just going to lost money in the long run.


If you are unsure whether or not you can trust a company go to their Facebook Page and check their reviews. Some businesses also have reviews on Google & even their website! If the reviews show the name or a previous client you could even write them directly and ask them about a product or how the customer service was. Was it worth their time? Did they love the product? Would they buy from them again?

When doing your research.. ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT — This is the easiest way for them to scam you. By you signing the doc you agree to all terms and conditions and if you dont read them you might be agreeing to something you honestly don’t even agree with.


If you are partnering or wanting to partner with a social media marketing agency there are a few things you should be aware of. For one, check out the clients that they work with. Do the clients the agency work with have a Good Engagement Per Follower Ratio? If so, reach out to some previous clients they have done work for and ask them how the service went.. Were the followers real? Did the engagement on their posts go up? Did they see REAL followers coming in their notifications everyday?! If so, then this company is legit! If not then I would go with another marketing agency. Here at 4WRD we get our clients REAL Followers, Real Engagement, Real Leads All through our Account Growth Service and Our Lead Generation Service! Account Growth guarantees our clients 500–900 Followers a Month and Our Lead Generation Service reaches out to over 900 Potential Leads in your Target Demographic Per Month.

THANK YOU FOR READING! We hope this blog was helpful and easy to understand.

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