Why Having a Presence on Facebook Can Help Grow Your Business

As of 2018, there are a total of 2.23 billion active users on Facebook. Facebook can significantly increase awareness about your brand and business. It allows you to reach audiences you never thought possible. As a business owner, living in a very digital world, you should take full advantage of all ways to bring exposure to your business.

If you are seeking help, there are a couple of simple things that you can do in order to begin gaining business from Facebook.

Create a Facebook Business Page

Photo Credibility: Tim Bennett

It might seem like a very simple and self-explanatory task but so many business owners don’t make a page for their business! It’s so easy to sign to up and you can manage your page from your personal Facebook page. You want to make sure that you create a description of your business that clearly conveys the identity of your brand. Make sure you upload photos that appeal to your potential clientele.

Use Hashtags

Using Hashtags allows for more visibility of your business. You can gain more of a following from people who are interested in your field just by using hashtags. You can create a hashtag specific for your business to brand yours and follow your clients because all of the posts are in one place. For example, 4WRD uses a couple of hashtags to distinguish our business from others. We use the hashtags, #4wrd, #4wrdlife, and #move4wrd. There are simple hashtags that distinguish 4WRD from other companies.


Having a Facebook Page allows you to network with people in your field. Using things like hashtags, you’ll be able to find similar businesses to yours and even consumers looking for a business like yours! Following their page allows you to connect with them and be able to see their ideas and what they’re doing with their business. This can lead to collaboration or even the sharing of ideas to help your business.

Having A Presence on Facebook

Photo Credibility: John Schnobrich

Having a presence on Facebook can do so much for you as a business owner. When it comes to promoting your business, you can only reach so many people face to face. This is why having a Facebook page is so important! Because of this exposure, you can gain clients that you were unable to interact with before.

Facebook makes it so easy for your potential clients to easily connect with you. All your information is right on the Facebook page for these clients to contact you. The Facebook gives them your phone number, email address, business hours and location (all of these if provided). This leads to more interaction with potential clients and leads for your business, which in turn, leads to more production and profit.


3 out of 4 people (75%) look at a Businesses Facebook Page, Facebook Reviews, Website, Etc. All before Purchasing from a company.

If you’re asking yourself how can I gain more business from Facebook, this is where 4WRD can help! If you’re having trouble gaining leads on Facebook, creating a Facebook page, or just have no idea where to start with Facebook, please reach out to us! Contact 4WRD at contact4wrd@gmail.com or visit www.move4wrd.com for more information!