Why Social Media Giveaway Campaigns Will Never Go Out of Style?

There answer is no. Giveaways have been around businesses for years they have just been displayed to the public differently. More so like a percentage off or buy 1 get 1 free offer. Businesses are either offering deals, free products, or hosting an event with free food! They know that you have to provide value in order for people to like, trust, and support your business. It’s all apart of marketing and getting the right people to your company. Social Media is currently the most effective thing people have been using these giveaways for. It gives you the ability to reach more people and is more cost effective from a marketing standpoint. You gain engagement for free products.

Giving out free product, discounts, merchandise, etc. are essential to any business that wants to build an audience and have fun in the meantime.

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When you do this, you are building trust for your brand and giving people a chance to participate and feel like they are truly apart of something, especially when they win. And even if they do not win, most individuals will continue to participate in these giveaways.

As 4WRD has noticed, people “think” that businesses are only doing these social media giveaways to get more likes, comments, and followers when it is really more than that. And as most Businesses know, you have to provide value to people in order to gain their trust and gain their service. Social Media has made it easier than ever to truly provide value and build your audience. Traditional Marketing Commercials, Newspapers, Flyers, were the typical way to build your audience. Now Marketing in the Digital World you can make your consumers feel good about buying from you just based off your brand perception on social media. Ask yourself these questions before doing a marketing giveaway campaign… Do you have good content? Are you offering something relevant to the consumer? Is your social media page up to par? Is the giveaway engaging & worth their time? What would make them want to participate & share your business with their friends? Is it friendly & fun? Is the giveaway so good that people are going to participate and then keep participating even when they don’t win?

You can do a million giveaways but if no one is participating or sharing then it is going to be a waste of time.

Essentials to a Solid Giveaway Campaign

  • High Value Giveaway
  • Something that is going to Benefit Your Business As well as the consumer
  • Make the Consumer / Participant feel welcomed & at Home (if they participate but don’t win be sure to thank each & every one of them personally - Build that Business to Consumer Relationship)
  • Make it Fun and Entertaining

Types of Giveaways & Why They Vary From Business to Business

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  • Free Merchandise Giveaway (T-Shirts, Hats, Bracelets, Water Bottle etc.)
  • Money or Gift Card Giveaway
  • Free Product Giveaway
  • Free 1 Month Service Giveaway
  • Trip Giveaway
  • Technology Giveaway (Computer, iPad, Camera Lens, etc.)

There are TONS of giveaways you can do for your business! Get creative with it and get your audiences attention with something awesome!

Instagram Giveaways — Example

Ashley is a Realtor in Indiana and wants more people in the area to know about her and that she can help people buy and sell homes. So she decided she wanted to do a Amazon Gift Card Giveaway. In exchange for the giveaway, people must enter via Instagram and tag a friend in the comments on the post. This person can either be looking for a home, looking to sell their home, or simply just a friend that tags another friend in order to participate. Regardless everyone that is tagging their friends are seeing Ashley’s Post and now know that she is a Realtor in the area if they ever need her. Ashley leverages several things on her page, such as her $500 Referral for anyone that brings her a Lead. Ashley gives these participants a full week to enter the giveaway. This also creates time for Ashley to run a 5 day Facebook / Instagram Ad in the Indiana area about the giveaway, which will attract more people to her page and attract more people to participate.

Once it is time to announce the winner, Ashley is going to go Instagram Live & pick the winner out of a hat and digitally show that she is really picking a winner and sending them the gift card! Ashley is going to start doing more frequent giveaways which will help her gain more followers and attract new people and more business. She also has a lot of fun with it and that is why people participate!

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