PodSwipe Will Help You Monetize Your Podcast

As a podcaster, what’s the easiest way to connect with advertisers? This remains the most searched question on Google after ‘how does a podcast make money.’ PodSwipe is a platform that is providing a solution to both these questions. Casey Adams is the man behind PodSwipe and has spent most of his career in this space.

Casey is the host of a top business podcast, “Rise of The Young.” He has interviewed world-class individuals such as the owner of the NBA’s Houston Rockets, Tilman Fertitta, legendary broadcaster, Larry King, the founder of Shutterstock, Jon Oringer, and Rick Ross just to name a few.

Casey is answering the aforementioned top searched questions in the podcasting world. He has announced PodSwipe as a new platform that will help entrepreneurs advertise their product and services on podcasts.

Casey Adams pictured with just some of the A-list guests he has interviewed recently on his podcast.

PodSwipe is a Game-Changer in the Podcasting Space

Following are some reasons why PodSwipe will be your favorite podcasting application.

  1. Monetize Your Podcast

As a podcaster looking to monetize your podcast, PodSwipe gives you the ability to swipe through advertisers with whom you’d be interested in working. There’s been a disconnect between the two because of the involvement of various agencies and the many forms of communication that happen in between. PodSwipe will make the process easy, fast, and reliable.

Podcasters are always looking for the best deals to help them get the most out of their podcast. PodSwipe will provide a place where the podcaster can create a podcast profile that then exposes the podcast to potential advertisers.

2. Get Booked on a Podcast

Those that wish to broadcast their ideas, messages or voice are constantly in search for a podcast that can help them achieve this goal. There are many hurdles when successfully connecting with the right podcaster and actually booking the show.

PodSwipe will open the opportunity for podcasters to seamlessly connect with guests specific to their niche. This eliminates the traditional ways of podcasting where you might have needed to know of someone that knew someone to potentially get connected on a show. Now, you can go straight to the source.

3. Advertise on a Podcast

PodSwipe provides a way for advertisers to seamlessly connect with the right podcasts. One of the assets of PodSwipe is monetization, which is a highly desirable facet in the podcast industry.

With PodSwipe, advertisers will connect with podcasters in their respective niches or interests. This makes advertising a whole lot easier, efficient and more effortless.

4. Book Guests on Your Podcast

Find the right guests for your show. When both parties express interest you can then start the conversation. Schedule the podcast interview on PodSwipe using the internal calendar feature.

The podcast industry is about to be a lot more efficient. Watch for PodSwipe coming soon via web-base, IOS, and Android.