Squadd.io is one of the best .io games

Squadd.io or squaddio was publicly released on the 28th of February, as you can see here.

As you can see from the release post, it is still described as being in beta. And yet, it already feels like it is going to be a big hit.

We are so used to seeing extremely simple .io games like Agar.io and all the follow up games. When something like squadd.io comes along with its refreshing modern graphics and clean game-play, it just screams success.

Before you read much futher, it is probably a good idea to give the game a quick go. You can play it here.

How to Play Squadd.io

Ok, at first you might as why is this section right below my prompt to play the game? Well, I wanted to show you just how intuitive the game is.

I’m guessing you jumped into the game and hit the WASD keys, moved around a little and then wiggled the mouse to aim and rapidly clicked that mouse to shoot. Easy, right?

I’m also guessing you probably only lived for about 20 seconds before some kid with a rocket launcher or sniper rifle took you out. Right there, that is the beauty of the game.

Just like Slither.io, you can jump in and play. With a bit of practice you too will be running around with your very own rocket launcher or sniper rifle.

Bit More About The Game

The game is a voxel based shoot’em up io game. One of very few nicely made io games. Your aim is to live long enough to make your way up the leader-board, pretty standard io game goals.

The way to achieve those goals, is a little harder.

Dotted around the map are power-ups points. They spawn in power-ups for you to collect. Things like, extra health and increased damage. There will greatly aid you in your goal. And if you kill other players you will gain experience. Gain enough and you can earn chests by leveling up.

Chests are basically virtual lucky dips. The big prizes are cool guns and power-ups. Of course, everyone wants the guns and some of them like the mini gun, are certainly worth the effort of levelling up.

Wrapping Up.

Squadd.io will have to go through the test of time and internet length attention spans, but it is well equipped for the latter. Colorful graphics, easy to use controls and rapid gameplay will be paramount in propelling this game forward. Oh and did I mention, this game is also backed by Miniclip. So it will have no issues in hitting its target audience.

Great game, with nice graphics and bright future.

— -

Special thanks to http://iogames.land for some of the game information

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