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THE ANTWERP CYBER-SIX is a project that has been in development for over six months, spearheaded by Antwerp based digital fashion network MUTANI supported by the City of Antwerp.


Inspired as a software update for the iconic Antwerp Six:

Cyber-Six is named as an homage to the six graduates (1980) of the Antwerp Fashion Department, who became the most influential avant-garde collective in fashion history.

In order to re-ignite this legacy, MUTANI invited six Antwerp-based creative zealots to blaze new virtual trails: Brandon Wen, Flora Miranda, Max Rittler, Nadav Perlman, Shayli Harrison and Stefan Kartchev.

Selecting only the most unreal — of real archival looks from each designer, MUTANI collaborated with ior50 Studio to translate six digital fashion silhouettes on six custom avatars.

Complex pieces to work with in all dimensions, there is no question that time was taken with Cyber-Six to execute what can now be referred to as DIGITAL COUTURE.


The Antwerp Cyber-Six is a project that recklessly traverses the lines between fashion, games, fine-art and cinema. Serving high-creative legacies and talent to brand new audiences.

Conceived to make an avant-garde mark on the metaverse, Cyber-Six introduces the rich creative vision and technical prowess behind MUTANI.

MUTANI is a web3 native venture that dissents traditional fashion systems, allowing progressive brands and designers to take creativity into their own hands. So naturally the launch of Cyber-Six evokes the web3 ethea: initiating cross-platform connections, community driven collaborations and digital/physical layered experiences.

For this reason, the project will launch in six phases across multiple platforms, including a look-book collection sale during Paris Haute Couture Week (January 2023) on digital fashion marketspace, Artisant. With the first actions to be staged in Miami.

See HERE the schedule for PHASE 01: MIAMI


The original Antwerp Six were unique individuals who joined forces to gain collective exposure on an international stage. Which is why the Antwerp Cyber-Six have banded together with MUTANI: to show what happens when the imagination and the fashion industry transcend realistic bounds.

More dimensions pending…

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