MUTANI pronounced MUTINY noun /ˈmjuː.tɪ.ni/ : to rise against authority

MUTANI is a rebellion marked against the oppressive and exploitative nature of the fashion industry, alongside the capitalocene that has broken our imaginations and blocked the formation of creative spirit.

To subvert this system we are staging a creative coup; inviting and onboarding a digital fashion unitive to drive actions between the most radical fashion designers and digital creators of our time. This curated network is aimed at producing digital fashion that galvanises players to explore raw acts of self-expression in games and the open metaverse.

Our goal is to be the premier source for the most far-out fashion in the cyber-scene.



✦ A curated designer network on the bleeding-edge of fashion

✦ Producing high-creative + next-level quality fashion skin designs + assets

✦ Tailored specifically for an audience of gamers + the open metaverse

Steering < new generations > towards more < autonomous self expression > by providing the < most progressive > digital fashion available in cyberspace.


MUTANI works with:

Fashion Designers, Brands + WEB3 Projects


MUTANI runs like a < record label > covering the costs involved in :

→ Producing
→ Promoting
→ Marketing
→ Selling

Digital Fashion Skins.

For Skin in the Game.

The assets developed are then listed on in-game and digital marketplaces, with profits equitably distributed amongst contributors. This is a curated unitive, where designers are pitched and selected based on their relevance to the games and marketplaces we are working with.


MUTANI takes on creative commissions that involve:

✦ Development of digital fashion avatars and skins

✦ Digital editorial and look-book content, animations and imagery

✦ Virtual and augmented reality experiences

✦ Networked physical fashion projects

✦ Open Metaverse/Web3 community actions

✦ Staging events and exhibitions in virtual and physical


Game Developers + Digital Marketplaces

MUTANI is the one stop shop for all:

✦ ✦ ✦

Visions of Self-Expression

✦ ✦ ✦

High-Creative Designers/Brands

✦ ✦ ✦

High-Quality Digital Fashion Skin Formats

Partner with MUTANI to gain access to our unitive of avant-garde designers: working to design and/or produce custom skins and utilities to suit your outcomes, audience, aesthetics and environments. Our goal is to create an offer relevant to current and upcoming generations, producing timely character designs that represent greater variety and creativity.

Connect with us to collaborate and launch digital fashion skins, set up a MUTANI store in your creator economy or commission custom designs for your own execution.


Gamers + Web3 Communities

Although MUTANI works with brands and fashion designers, advertising is not our goal. Our collaborative approach allows us to design skins with a more genuine understanding of the aesthetics and subcultures existing in game environments.

In this way, we offer our community authentic, diverse and creative skins that better listen to who you are, and who you want to be.

From MUTANI you can find the most far-out fashion in the cyberscene, an eclectic array of wearables from the most radical designers of our time.


MUTANI also engages in:

Knowledge Share

The MUTANI core team are active participants in knowledge share and research activities, exploring topics such as: creative quality in digital fashion and game design, sustainability in traditional and digital fashion sectors, online identities and subcultures and decentralised communities, economies and technologies.

MUTANI contributes to academic research, conferences, workshops, interviews, talks and more.



MUTANI is the first digital fashion company established in Belgium and one of the earliest digital fashion concepts launched specific to the future of the open metaverse on an international scale. With this in consideration, our core team has garnered recognition, actively engaged and contributing to the development of the sector as it continues to emerge.

Our ability to consult is based on direct research and experimentation in decentralised and digital technologies and communities, alongside an up to date tracking of the climate in general.

Furthermore we intentionally build on our knowledge via partnerships with universities and research organisations. This is coupled with the professional fashion backgrounds of our founders, Ann Claes and Shayli Harrison. Spanning the creative direction and project management of traditional and digital fashion projects and events, alongside international marketing, communications, sales and brand management.

MUTANI offers an up to date and comprehensive knowledge on the application of web3 technologies and strategies to the fashion and creative industries.


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Shayli Harrison | Twitter | Instagram
IRL Fashion Designer moving to URL virtual worlds

Ann Claes | Instagram | Linkedin
20+ years experience in the traditional fashion world, connecting people in web3.

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MUTANI is the premier source for the most far out fashion in the cyber-scene. We work on the edge between art and fashion, focusing on true creativity.