How to negotiate your salary in Germany

Lendorse Team
2 min readNov 23, 2022


Salary negotiation is crucial, since a relatively small effort can have immense results. While some positions have very precise salaries, others are operating within a salary band, and you might be placed at the upper or lower level of this salary band.

During the negotiation, you do not want to be the first blurting out a number that is lower than necessary. Try to avoid the topic all the way to the end, deflecting questions about the salary with answers like:

“I am really excited about the company and am sure we will find an agreement on the salary”.

“Of course a competitive salary is important, but there are many more aspects to choosing a job. Could you let me know your company’s salary range for this position?”.

When it comes to discussing the salary, you should present your achievements and why you think you deserve a salary at the upper end of the salary band, for example by referring to your publications and presentations or by listing impressive projects that you successfully completed.

If you are offered a lower salary than you expected, try to negotiate a better package, often this could go beyond the salary itself. Possible components that you can mention are a bigger bonus, working from home, flexible working hours or paid vacation days, stock options (in case of startups), or a more attractive pension scheme. Some more old-fashioned companies still offer a company car or other benefits.

If you are not happy with the offer, try to be calm, friendly and polite. Many offers are made with the possibility of further negotiation, and the company will not want to lose a good candidate.

Do not forget that the first offer is not the final offer. By presenting your achievements and by being friendly, you will have good chances of getting a better offer.

In the end, the best way to maximize your salary is having multiple offers at the same time and picking the best one. By applying to many companies at the same time, you will have a bigger chance of getting multiple offers and can use them to negotiate your salary upwards.

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