A blockchain deal even Donald Trump cannot refuse

We are making Sether, a new blockchain service platform. It can be used for fair and transparent social media campaigns. To raise support and make this platform happen, we decided to ask the President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump, to tweet about it. If he does, any political campaign held on the platform will be for free.

We’re not a big company like Facebook or Google, so we can’t just say something and get everyone’s attention, no matter the importance of what we’re saying. What we can do, is make this platform happen. And we will: Sether will have an Alpha version in January. We need public support, though, to speed up development and get the message to everybody.

To make a blockchain platform

Developing such a platform is a huge task, and the blockchain offers a smart system to power up any business using the power of the crowd. Usually, businesses built on the blockchain only get made if they draw enough investment. We need you because we consider this platform to be more than necessary. This is why we need all the support we can get to help get our social media transparency plan to the right ears. Political ears, that is.

Who are we to give advice?

We are a Big Data company, with contracts around the world, gathering and analyzing social media data for global corporations and governmental institutions. We’re used to understanding the big picture, advising our clients on how to build better products or how to address wide issues like public security or investments.

Our software solutions are used throughout the world by many key stakeholders. We took a strategic decision to release a piece of our technology for the benefit of the whole community, because we believe that the blockchain will have a major impact on how humanity will evolve.

You, The Techies and The President

We heard Mr. Donald Trump will always make a good deal. Let’s see if that was only fake news. With one tweet, the most powerful public person in the world can make our project happen. So we decided to make him an offer. The best offer we got: Tweet about us and he receives free access on our platform, to organize all his future social media campaigns, in a way that’s fair and transparent for everybody.

We’re asking the President because of all people, he probably dislikes the most being accused of having fake supporters. By holding and supporting fully transparent political media campaigns, Donald Trump would get a huge bonus for his PR from you, the public. Because you want campaign budgets that are visible to anyone. You want a social media system that’s impossible to bribe. You want no ghost funds, bots or trolls to get involved in the campaigns promoting what you believe.

So, it’s actually your help and support that we need.

Get involved. Ask politicians to go transparent

With Sether, we make a stand for fair and transparent media campaigns in politics. We want to offer any US and EU citizen the chance to review and follow public figure campaigns in social media.

To get our message across, we set up Thunderclap account, where we can gather as many people as possible to post and tweet, of 7th of December, at the same time, the community’s message to Donald Trump.

We also set up a petition on change.org. If it gathers enough support, it will surely reach the Main Man, so sign up, it’s free and you’d be doing yourself and everyone a big favor.

Let’s encourage transparent political campaigns. Get our message across and we will grant FREE access to our platform for any political party.

Follow the campaign and platform development on our site, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and our Medium and YouTube channels.

Write to us if you think of other ways to get our message across. Writing to your public and political representatives about us will greatly increase the chance that transparent political campaigns become the norm in our society.