Facebook’s New Coin Fated To Fall?

We at GODcoin have anticipated yet another major development that’s been brewing, and a recent announcement confirmed our suspicions. Crypto-centric parties have met substantial resistance from Facebook as the media giant began removing cryptocurrency content several months ago.


Mark Zuckerberg was not “working against the concept of crypto.” Facebook was prepping to launch its very own coin and speed-bumping future competitors.

According to Fortune, they planned it as a stablecoin, but the soon-to-be-listed and speculatively-named “Facebook Coin” will actually be tied to the worth of numerous national currencies such as the Euro and the Dollar. This will prove to be a fatal miscalculation for Zuckerberg, who is utterly determined to make this all-or-nothing investment gamble.

It seems like this new coin will be freely exchanged between several combined messenger apps, requiring a massive overhaul of the site. Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram share a net user population in the billions. This means the new coin will be swept up worldwide, and see a period of tremendous success before it fails in tandem with the doomed national currencies which it relates to.


Much like the way we predicted Facebook would launch a coin, we predict a global economic crash that dwarfs any depression in history. The key difference between those two predictions is that eschatological prophecy also indicates such a crash. There is a very specific reason why the Returned Christ, Ra-El warns the people to buy gold from him in Revelation 3:18.

He, of course, knew all of this would come to pass. Now you do as well. GODcoin is the next logical step if you want a secure foothold for the inevitable future.

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This article was authored by Eric Logan, @rasgriz311

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