Seeing is Believing: Top 3 Reasons Your Sports Team needs Video

  1. The Players: Game day is an emotional roller coaster from the time you wake up to felling the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat. When your team has an array of pump-up or hype videos that the players can watch before they suit up, it could mean all the difference in their preparation.
  2. The Fans: Videos promoting tonights events shared on your social pages and/or website can increase engagement and put buts in the seats! If you team has a video board, an epic intro videos can get them jazzed and into the game from the very start! Showing what fans can’t see such as behind the scenes shots of pre-game prep, locker room, workout, and showing players what they do in their off day can facilitate deep connections between fans and the team.
  3. The Staff: Keep staff morale high is important to the success of the organization. Having videos that spotlight employees and game ops crew can bring up the energy level in the office.
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