🗓 DATE : 9 OCTOBER 2021


🏡 VENUE : @thecryptostalkers

Guests : Yooshi Team


Navi :

1. On September 29th, the official platform announced: Chikyu Bae, CEO of SAMSUNG Games, overs as the CEO of YooShi Labs. There have been heated discussions on the news, for YooShi Labs has made a name for itself in crypto investing, especially in blockchain. Everyone agrees that to your ability must not be underestimated as the CEO, and has a strong interest in your identity, so can you briefly introduce yourself?

YooShi Labs CEO Chikyu Bae:

  • I'd like to start with my experience. I served as the CEO of Everyapps from May, 2013 to October, 2017, the CEO of SAMSUNG GAMES from September, 2014 to present, and the Vice President of Korea Blockchain Contents Association from October 2018 to present. Of course, these are the main work experience. You can find more detailed content through LinkedIn, Google and other platforms.
  • Now I have a new identity: the CEO of YooShi Labs, I am very happy but a little nervous. I am happy because I can give full play to my strengths with my rich experience in this field as be the CEO of YooShi Labs, and I am nervous because I really feel the enthusiasm of everyone, and I am flattered by the welcome that I had never seen in any other workplace.
  • YooShi Labs members and our supporters please rest assured that I am confident to work with you to make YooShi Labs better.

Navi :

2. What a brilliant resume! You have played important roles in these large platforms. Therefore, we have a question: why do you choose YooShi Labs or why YooShi Labs chooses you? What is the reason for such two-way selection? Can you explain to us?

YooShi Labs CEO Chikyu Bae:

  • First, I want to talk about the reason why I choose YooShi Labs:
  • 1) Industry prospects: As more and more people have noticed and joined the blockchain field, many countries have provided permission and blockchain has developed rapidly various sectors, blockchain has been deeply bound together with us. it will be a prospect area, this is not fantasy, what was happening in the past and now has proved that, the future will be more to confirm this.
  • 2) Bottlenecks in traditional games: At present, the development of the traditional game actually has encountered some bottlenecks, which is why I come to YooShi Labs, I expected to find a breakthrough point to combine traditional games and blockchain, where the production of resources is entirely given to the players, asset prices are spontaneously adjusted by the market, blockchain in every link of the economic system get promotion, to achieve a decentralized game mode and a more reliable and efficient economic system. I hope to make a contribution to the development of the game industry and explore the real world with my own actions.
  • 3)YooShiLabs’ performance:YooShiLabs’ performancespeaksforitself.Ithasalreadyinvested in two games, both of which have a good performance. DNAxCAT beta version is going to start, and StarMon is currently sharing progress information and will meet you soon. Both games have a large number of fans, and their ecology is gradually improving, which shows that YooShi Labs' current internal positioning and investment logic is reasonable, which I fully recognize.
  • As for why YooShi Labs chose me, of course, this is just my opinion:
  • 1) Traditional games: I have a wealth of experience in the traditional games, and have a holistic understanding on the various structures: functional department, research and development department, operation department, as well as program, art,,testing in research and development in the industry. Also, I have made many friends in this industry, helping me accurately grasp the overall pace of YooShi Labs.
  • 2) Blockchain: You can see from my previous work experience that I have worked in the field of blockchain, but actually I got involved in blockchain earlier. At that time, I was unable to get away from my work, so I didn't put too much effort into it. However, as I formally entered the field ofblockchain, I learned more and more knowledge and gradually have my own insights into blockchain and the crypto market.
  • All in all, I have experience in both traditional and blockchain areas, and on that I can better combine the two in the hope of bringing more interesting and fun projects to the market.

Navi :

3. From the above speech, we can see that you have rich experience in both traditional games and blockchain, but this does not mean that you are suitable for YooShi Labs, it is also related to your understanding of YooShi and YooShi Labs. So we have another question, what is your understanding of YooShi and YooShi Labs?

YooShi Labs CEO Chikyu Bae:

  • At present, YooShi is in a critical period of ecological construction, and YooShi's current orientation is: game IDO based on NFT and publishing platform, YooShi will also become the online platform of games in the future and is developing in this direction.
  • YooShi has three major sectors: YooShi GamePad, YooShi Labs and Play To Earn Guild Alliance The current official position: YooShi Labs is an independent game incubator in the WEB3.0 era. It will provide game developers with complete GameFi game design system and technical support, helping game developers to complete blockchain game development more easily and quickly. YooShi Labs will play a crucial role in the future planning strategy of YooShi, for the first requirement of becoming a game online platform is to have enough playable projects on the platform, which needs YooShi Labs to play its role.
  • My understanding of YooShi Labs: help YooShi to improve the latitude. The main direction of YooShi Labs in the future:
  • 1) Project evaluation:
    Evaluation standards: In the face of projects with uneven qualities, we will re-establish evaluation standards, starting with the three frameworks previously stated, with a particular focus on the professional qualities of team members in research and development department.
    Evaluation steps: we will make major changes of evaluation steps, such as specially-assign person being responsible for special work and system docking, in order to improve the efficiency under the premise of ensuring the quality of evaluation.
  • 2) Project support:
    Game system: we will assign special personnel in charge of YooShi Labs, and maintain real-time contactwiththem.Buttherearecertainlimits,thegame’ mostbasicconceptandkeypointswill not allow YooShi Labs members to interfere with this.
    Game technology: we will track the series of test development before the game is online, as well as online system maintenance after launch in real time until the game reaches stability.

Navi :

4. It can be seen that you have a profound understanding of YooShi and YooShi Labs, and you also said that you have communicated with relevant team members for many times, which I believe will contain the future development path, so may I ask what is your specific plan after serving as CEO of YooShi Labs? Can you give us an idea?

YooShi Labs CEO Chikyu Bae:

  • The overall reform of the team will be adjusted according to my answer to the last question, but the process will be determined by the actual situation. The best result is to complete the reform without delaying the team work process, of course, this is somewhat unlikely. We will weigh the pros and cons to maximize the benefits.
  • 2) Team recruitment: the number of incubation project application is increasing, to improve the efficiency and professionalism of the team we will recruit more outstanding professionals, primarily for incubation teams, providing more helpful advice, professional and technical personnelto solve problems in the process of system design.
    3) Two incubation products have almost been negotiated and we are communicating with the project teams. We will tell you in real time on the official website when the final results come out.

Navi :

5. I believe you have already felt the enthusiasm of everyone, so what would you say to the supporters of YooShi Labs?

YooShi Labs CEO Chikyu Bae:

  • I feel the enthusiasm, and my search volume has skyrocketed during this period. I have seen many friends following me on LinkedIn. Thank you very much.
  • There must be pressure to be the CEO of YooShi Labs, but please rest assured that since I take the position and assist in the promotion through the AMA , I am ready and will go all out.
    I will pay great attention to the projects that YooShi Labs will launch. Iii also pay more attention to the two projects previously invested by YooShi Labs. At the same time, we will look for more high-quality Games


Karim :

Since NFT is popular nowadays, so does NFT have any plans to innovate further?

YooShi Labs CEO Chikyu Bae:

  • NFT is a separate field that can be combined with any emerging things and will become an indispensable part

A A :

What% do people invest in NFT projects? And how do you do that?

YooShi Labs CEO Chikyu Bae:

  • Pay attention to the latest information on the market and dare to try

Tất Oanh :

Lucky day . Can you explain, which one is your top priority? Security, Product, Partnership, or Token price?

YooShi Labs CEO Chikyu Bae:

  • Team , an excellent team can overcome all difficulties

I ❤ Cropto :

What was your motive behind making your project?

YooShi Labs CEO Chikyu Bae:

  • Helping the development of traditional industries

Trọng Anh :

Thank you . while you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

YooShi Labs CEO Chikyu Bae:

  • The incubated project will take into account the feedback from the community, which is a very important step for our improvement


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