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The first 4 digits of Pi times three. 3141 x 3 = 9423

There will be 9423 NFTs in the ThoseAMAs collection.

136 Handcrafted attributes the possibilities are endless. Many attributes are unique to Cardano and Charles Hoskinson himself.

The attributes in the collection are thoughtfully picked out of the Live AMAs (ask me anything) the Creator of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson provides his community. We have been watching Charles Hoskinson since the beginning and very much agree with his vision.

The Mission:

The Mission is to help increase and strengthen the decentralization of Cardano. It is important that we continue to help all stake pool operators especially the smaller stake pools who are struggling to get by because the majority of Cardano delegators are investing in the larger stake pools to guarantee that return on their money. So the small pools need help, it cost money to run a stake-pool, at the very least we will be able to help pay the monthly cost for many stake pools to run.


ThoseAMAs will mint for $200 dollars paid in ADA, and exact ADA amount will be selected and posted closer to mint day.

40% of this will be paid directly back to the holders, a daily snap shot will be taken and 10 random wallets will be selected and air dropped 375.00 each. This will take place everyday for 200 days

20% will be liquidity for the upcoming token that will be attached to Thoesamas a month or so after mint. This will be placed in a stake pool earning interest until the token is ready to be deployed. A separate paper will be produced at a later date describing the use and utility of this token.

10% will be used for post mint marketing, community activities and giveaways

25% will be used to pay all the team members.

5% Will go to payback the money that has been spent to fund this project so far.

The seed phrases to 4 different wallets are hidden within the attributes inside the artwork. A Gero Wallet, a Nami Wallet, a Phantom Wallet & a Metamask Wallet. These wallets will contain an unknown Treasure, whoever can mint the NFT find and enter the seed phrase then send out the treasure, keeps the treasure. Could be some crypto could be some NFT’s could be both.

We have put together 9 totally custom pieces that cannot be created with the current attributes. We will begin to auction these pieces off one by one directly after the minting has finished. All money acquired from these auctions will go into 9 separate community wallets. The community will then decide how this money can be used to help the decentralization of Cardano. We will take a vote and then put the money to use.

Royalties from Secondary Market

50% will go back to the community thru airdrops, as well as refilling the 4 hidden wallets with ADA and NFTs every month.

25% will be used to help some small stake pool operators pay for the cost of running the stake pool each month allowing them to focus on getting some delegators and not have to worry about the cost for a month or so. We will take a community vote each month on which Stake Pool or Stake Pools we will help for that month depending on the amount of money that 25% represents.

25% will go to the team to cover all maintenance and expenses moving forward with future projects

We are also giving away a (MAYC) Mutant Ape Yacht Club #6039 This is not just a floor Mutant this Mutant has some lovely rare attributes. The MAYC will be raffled off to a random minter after all the NFTs have been minted and sold out. Each minted NFT will double as a raffle ticket, the more you mint, the more tickets to the raffle you will have thus the better your chances at winning the Ape will be. After all have been minted we will do a live stream screen share, enter the tickets into a giveaway bot of some sort, maybe like the chain-link VRF that will randomly select the winner of MAYC #6039 and we will give it to the winner right on the spot!

This will be Amazing!!


We have plans for a lot more utility, plans to attach a token that will pay the holders. Sister collections are not out of the question, a possible a 3D collection . It is important to my team and I that we will always be completely transparent and will continue to update the community every step of the way. Community is a big part of the future because it’s the community that has the power to shape the future. The Cardano Community is awesome and we are glad to be apart of it together helping to build something that will change the world for the better.

The Team

Our team is from all over the world, United States, Turkey, India, Columbia, Mexico & Canada. We all have very different walks of life but we all share the same values and beliefs. We want help, we want to give back, we want to be apart of this positive global change.







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This NFT project “ThoseAMA’s” is a Tribute to Charles Hoskinson and Cardano. The entire mission of this project is to give back. Our webpage