November 15, 2004

I froze.

An unfamiliar feeling ran through my body as if the glare from the truck’s
headlights were beaming before my eyes. Recalling sleepless nights in the hospital bed asking God “Why?!” Waking up from a coma, thinking that I died.

Lord.. is this Heaven?

I heard voices whose faces hovered over me. 
But.. where the hell am I? I recall asking.

No masking the truth, no matter it’s ugly. So they replied.. 
We didn’t think you’d make it.”

Still clueless as to what they were saying, I looked down from where I was laying and.. saw the damage.

Felt my heart drop as if all the baggage I left in the past, just crashed
on my head. Or maybe it was just the slight recollection of hitting the dashboard so hard that I felt a little woozy.

You see.. doctors said 50/50 and that the odds were against me. 
But here I am, twelve years later getting even. 
Still believing that it wasn’t my time to go. So here I go..

Spitting facts on the track, got my words sprinting. 
I’m right-clicking these memories as this pen ink starts printing — all the crossed out letters and misspelled words I ripped 
out from this book of life.

Don’t ever count out the strife. That’s the lesson I learned. 
Cos essentially, that’s what makes you. 
What don’t break you, only aids in your strength.

So I, end this poem with a “God, thank you” 
And an Amen.

My car after a head on collision with a dump truck on Route 6 in CT on November 15, 2004. I was riding in the passenger seat of my car at the time. Photo taken by my mom.