Best email marketing services and software reviews

MailChimp vs SendinBlue vs Constant Contact

1. Is the email marketing service a good fit for my company’s structure

Some services work best for startups on small budgets, while some work best for enterprises. The requirements are different and vary from business to business.

2. Does the email marketing service or software integrate well with different marketing platforms and channels?

Depending on where you want to derive your traffic from, eg. Facebook, Google, Youtube, some marketing services might suit you better than others.

3. Is your business in a “boring” or “creative” niche?

Depending on your audience, and the kinds of messages you want to convey to them, you might need features like custom “email templates”, email header designs, email drag and drop builders and so on.

4. Level of automation desired

Some email marketing software and apps are built for scale, and highest level of set-and-forget “automated” lead generation. While some are designed with CRM process in mind.

5. Number of subscribers you expect to build and number of emails you desire to send

Are you going to be a big nation-wide or world-wide brand, generating millions of leads and subscribers? Or you are a local business happy with few thousands. Some email marketing services have their prices structured on number of “subscribers” or “emails sent”.

6. Do you have an e-commerce business?

In this case, there are some services that specifically tailor to this area.

Top 7 Best Email marketing services

1. HubSpot — Best one-stop-shop for inbound marketing managers

Inbound marketing does wonders when it comes to strengthening your professional relationships and building new connections — only with the right tools used and a one-stop-shop that is ideal for you, with its own advanced services and golden rules. HubSpot’s excellent marketing tools allow you to quickly optimize and personalize your emails, at the same time creating valuable content and experiences tailored to your customers in ways that are easy to understand and quick to get a hold of.

2. Constant Contact

Whether you’ve already mastered the email marketing game, or are just starting out, this powerful service will take your goal to a whole new level. Constant Contact comes with numerous benefits and useful tools, and is, understandably so, one of the largest and fastest growing email marketing services.

3. SendinBlue

If you are looking to explore a marketing service that combines the power of both email and SMS campaigns into one unique platform, SendinBlue is ideal to start with, being one of the fastest growing email marketing platforms in Europe. SendinBlue’s easy-to-use platform, advanced features, and excellent tools are a golden standard when it comes to email marketing, along with a generous free plan based on the number of sent emails.



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