The Right Security Camera

A closed — circuit television camera (CCTV) records videos and images for security, surveillance or other personal purposes. Security cameras have become an important aspect in security and are mainly used for surveillance purposes. Statistics show that installing a CCTV camera reduces crimes in the area covered up to 95%. CCTV’s are used by many for various reasons. Every organization has CCTV’s installed for 24x7 surveillance. Banks, Malls and of course the Government is dependent on security cameras for enhancing security.

Security cameras come in various types, configurations, styles with many different features and options and it’s very important to select the right CCTV camera according to the applications and location.

Which security camera is the best for your location and application?

The 11 different types of security cameras include:

  1. Dome Cameras — Dome Cameras are mostly used indoors. It is easy to install and requires only two to three screws for its installation. Dome cameras at times come with the Infrared feature because of which recording of videos and images in dim light are possible. As the lens of the dome camera is covered, the direction the camera is facing is not known.
Dome Cameras

2) Bullet type cameras — Bullet cameras are long cylindrical in shape. These cameras are the best for outdoor purposes and help in long distance viewing. Bullet cameras are modified to fit in a weatherproof case to prevent rain, dust, dirt and other harmful elements making it ideal for outdoor use.

Bullet type cameras

3) Infrared cameras — Infrared Cameras are mainly designed for night use or for locations having extremely poor or dim lighting. It has infrared LED lighting around it for night time use. When its dark its illumination capacity decreases because of which black and white images are produced.

Infrared cameras

4) Discreet Cameras — Discreet cameras as its name suggests are hidden cameras which are not visible to the human eye. They can be hidden anywhere behind a desk or even the fan. It is mainly used for spying purposes.

Discreet Cameras

5) Varifocal Cameras — A camera with a varifocal lens allows you to change the aperture. It allows the operator to zoom in or out without losing focus on the main image. The larger the aperture more zoomed with clear detail will the image be. Smaller the aperture number less the detail captured.

6) Wireless Cameras — Wireless security cameras transmit images or video, audio signals to a wireless receiver through signaling mediums. They may or may not be connected to the Internet or are IP based. They are very easy to install.

7) Network cameras — Network cameras or IP cameras as they are known maybe wireless or hardwired and allow transmission of images and videos through the internet. They are controlled within a certain bandwidth. Network Cameras are easy to install and do not require a separate cable run or power boost to send images over a longer distance.

8) High Definition Cameras — High Definition Cameras (HD Cameras) produce images and videos with good quality. With high resolution lens, the users get captured images with fine detail.

9) PTZ cameras — PTZ cameras or Pan/tilt/zoom cameras give the surveillance operator the ability to move the camera left or right (pan); up and down (tilt); and zoom the lens closer or farther. These cameras are used to cover a wide area with a single camera. The variations of the camera are programmable or manually controllable.

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