Guest Blog Post: “The Last Cat for a Meal,” in Abigail Padi’s exact words

Every worry that your dad might eat your cat?
Written by Ghanaian blogger Abigail Padi who’s written for Happiness Between Tails before, visit her new blog …

Pets are lovely and the children love them. Other than dogs, we have cats. Initially they were many but the neighborhood in which we live is not safe for big and healthy animals especially cats because some selfish individuals steal them for commercial purposes or to satisfy their own needs.

My concerned dad thought that he also was human and had the desire

to taste the delicious part of those cats and so there was no way he was going to give those people the chance to enjoy for free anymore. He advised himself and since then, their number reduced, currently left with two; a male and a female. Obviously the next to be a meal is the male cat and I can’t help but think about it.

That cat is such a lovely one. It has a darker color and very beautiful in my eyes. I don’t know what you think about it but that’s how I see it. All my friends who have visited me at home can tell that that cat knows no stranger and I believe that’s what made those selfish individuals get hold of them without us knowing.

I instructed my young ones to keep an eye on my dad and be on guard so that on that they I don’t want to imagine will ever come, they should plead with him to spare that only cat.

I’m Abigail Padi and I love to tell stories about myself and those around me. I operate 2 blogs, the recent one is where I post anything related to relationship with real life experiences and opinions.

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