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I am a confident and comfortable communicator. I am a doodle and sketch meditator. I am a multi- tenant thinker. I am a contributor and consumer of solving and seeing through both intuitive and objective design where the business case and the audience need naturally coexist.

Prior roles as a Creative Director, Experience Design Director, Motion Director and as a game designer for special needs students all prepared me for designing beyond textbook behavior models. I believe that the audience is smart and curious–we should never assume otherwise or design without that in mind.

I was on the IBM account team at Somnio from 2013–2017. The work in this book is a sample of a larger body that spans dozens of projects and clients. It is intended to capture my work and vision of an account as an entity, not only projects as individuals.

I am looking for my next port of call, a place I can grow and give as a leader and a designer of things useful to people. Let’s talk.

Photo collage for IBM Analytics pitch deck


makers mosaic 
cognitive business coach
multishare assessment
welcome watson

Makers Mosaic ˆ

Event activation interactive: creative direction, UIUX and visual design 
Creative Strategist: Steve Meier, Erin McElroy(IBM)
Dev Architect: Connor Hood
Event installation and design: George P Johnson

My role was as Creative Director and UIUX/visual design. I worked with our strategist, lead dev and producer to bring this together over a five week concept-to-delivery rollout for the IBM SXSW Cognitive Studio.

The problem to solve: fill the audiences awareness and knowledge gap about how using Watson APIs in their products and services could sharpen their competitive edges and improve their output.

The idea: showcase Watson APIs on Bluemix and their application for business transformation through real-world examples and a personalized event experience.

The Makers Mosaic pedestal [proposal concept art]
Axure walkthrough wires [prototype] | Color proofs — dev documentation
More than 4k total sessions with attendees/278 seconds average engagement. See it here.

Cognitive Business Coach ˆ

Interactive: strategy, pitch concept & visual design
CD, UIX Design Lead: Paula Ring
IA: Rufus Walker
Creative Strategist: Blaine Prince
Dev Architect: Connor Hood

My role was as Creative Director, conceptual pitch, conceptual design, implementation design and creative strategist. I worked with our strategy team, lead dev, producer and a crack squad of digital designers to produce this elegant experience.

The problem to solve: standard assessments provide little engagement for “discover and learn”audiences, require too many questions be answered thus encouraging abandonment and provide no personalized input or output for the taker or the giver.

The idea: defeat assessment fatigue with an experience that uses natural language and machine learning APIs to drive case study recommendations and decision mapping with a personalized result for the taker and unique-to-the-individual information for the giver.

Framework and data flow concepts [ See the experience here ]

Multishare Assessment ˆ

Interactive: strategy, pitch concepts design
Senior Design Lead: Ryan Tillet
IA: Rufus Walker 
Concept Strategist: Blaine Prince
Dev Architect: Connor Hood

My role was as Creative Strategist and conceptual UX designer. I worked with our account and bus-dev teams to propose, win and build the first multi-share and plan the upcoming versions with added features, better analytics and more ways to engage the audience and their teams.

The problem to solve: Influencer/advocate audiences needed a fast and easy way to evaluate their personal role goals, share with colleagues, match their efforts and shortfalls and walk away with a collaborative experience that gives them an internal marketing proof to take to their decision-maker.

The idea: compare results with teammates, see your gaps, know your steps forward. A shared experience that benefits the audience and the marketer alike with results that illuminate and entire team.

Original color concept for user flow proposal
Live build staging
designing the experience
Component naming conventions for dev reference [concept prototype only]
visualization results

Welcome Watson
Gartner Symposium and World of Watson ˆ

Event activation: creative direction, UIX and visual design
Creative Strategist: Steve Meier/Brett Canfield, Erin McElroy(IBM) 
Dev Architect-Connor Hood 
Event installation and design — George P Johnson

My role was as Creative Director and UIUX/visual design. I worked with our strategist, lead dev and producer to bring this together over a five week concept-to-delivery rollout for the IBM SXSW Cognitive Studio.

The problem to solve: the buzz around Watson and “AI” was clouded with a misunderstanding of his abilities and possibilities. Businesses rushed to implement machine intelligence without understanding the prerequisites or having a plan of implementation. Telling the story of “with Watson” required clarity for a wide audience and to demonstrate that Watson was not just a solution looking for a problem.

The idea: show the relatable value of Watson APIs through real data and real case studies. Involve the audience in the story of Human and Machine.

make it big. and small.

An interactive experience for Gartner Symposium and World of Watson that tells the story of Watson at work, educates the attendee on the components of cognitive and embodies the value of Watson APIs in action.

The task to create a modular, scalable activation that could be used on a single touch device pedestal or on a 40' cylindrical installation started with the content. Let’s all take a moment to give content a round of applause. It makes making so much easier when you have a ends to your means.

Activation pre-show
the data sources
Pre-production data I/O and sources map
the footprint plan: Gartner Symposium, Dolphin Hotel, Orlando

The Gartner installations ranged from iPads to video walls [passive] and touch walls [active], so everything had to have a basic footprint that would work on any standard format. Everything was designed to work in a ratios that could scale to size or volume. 1 monitor or 100, the ratios should work for the hardware. Like designing for multiple devices, this was as exercise in give and take to make.

Gartner Symposium footprint plan [catalog of deployments]
the footprint plan: World of Watson, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

The World of Watson took place less than two weeks later and the activations required a plan for projection on curved, 40' and 22' screens that could be uniquely controlled, each being fed video or data that was constantly refreshed for all five “pillars” throughout the floor.

Modular projection plan with events A/V team World of Watson
Modular projection mock-up [deployed x2 for show]
wall 1 (content staging mock-up build pre-show)
wall 2 (content staging mock-up build pre-show)
Welcome Watson

More work to come soon.
Concepts, pitch decks, wireframes and sketchbooks…

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