How To Backup And Restore Thunderbird Profile Emails?

Today the hard disk crash errors have become common, every other PC owner faces this problem. Due to crash, all the stored data gets deleted. To avoid such problems in Thunderbird, try to create a backup of your important emails and profile. If your hard drive crashed, then you can recover the data with the help of technicians assisting the users via Thunderbird customer support number. To avoid any damage to the stored info, always create an email backup. Now, follow the steps mentioned here to manually backup all important Thunderbird mails and user profile.

Thunderbird profile data is stored to create a restore account manually. The means specified here applies to Mac and Linux, which don’t require MozBackup application.

Step 1: General profile data, messages and contacts are put away in a sub-envelope of your username catalog.

Step 2: Track the account section, “Instruments > Account Settings > Local Folders

Step 3: Copy the neighborhood catalog way in the message storage field-set

Step 4: Window clients can create a duplicate catalog, click “Start”, select “Run”, and finally click “OK”. Presently you will discover the organizer where your information is stored

Step 5: Go up three levels in the folder containing your information. Stop at the Profiles organizer, which is a sub-catalog of the mail category. The profile catalog incorporates [BLANK]. DEFAULT, where [BLANK] shows up as an erratic string of alphanumeric characters.

How to backup Thunderbird messages and profile?

The restore procedure appears to be less demanding in the case when you have mistakenly removed Thunderbird messages previously. Follow the reverse procedure as the restore methodology for reestablishing Thunderbird profiles or messages is tested by experts for maximum security concerns.

For manually back-up the messages or profile, simply open the organizer once again into your Thunderbird profile sub-folder, which is titled as “Mail catalog”. Next, use MozBackup to backup messages and profiles.

MozBackup is a free apparatus to restore Thunderbird profile and messages. The MozBackup is accessible for Windows, the Mac or Linux and the user can confidently follow the steps mentioned above for making Thunderbird reinforcement manually. If you require information about the MozBackup device, then dial Thunderbird support number. The tech masters will resolve the problems as per your necessities and prerequisites.

If you already you have MozBackup, basically run the device and select “Restore Profile”. In addition, in case you have a strong password secured profile, then you have to enter the correct password to access the backup. MozBackup will reestablish Thunderbird naturally. It will back-up messages, profile or contacts. Do counsel the closest Thunderbird tech helpline, in the event that you are mistaken with the process towards creating the messages backup and the complete profile. Visit the Contactforservice online directory to find the direct helpline for Thunderbird and other mail domains.