BMW Liza: how are you?

Ebuka: I’m doing fabulous, thank you. You are looking quite gorgeous yourself, loving the head-gear very much.

BMW Liza: thank you very much. Now let’s dig in *smiles*

why do you wake up everyday?

Ebuka: well, truth is that I consider myself a messenger, much like a courier service delivery guy.

And so every morning feels like a new mission where I have a message to deliver. The recipients of this message changes from time to time. The platforms also differs, sometimes its a message to followers on my blog: www.askebuka.com or a simple message and video on social media platforms: Facebook or Instagram. It’s a daily quest.

I strongly believe that by delivering this message to the right recipient, it has the potential to change their future outcome by slightly altering their present direction or outlook.

BMW Liza: how did you become this Mr Ebuka I’m loving right now? (your discovery journey)

Ebuka: starting out since my high school years, I have always been an encourager and a teacher. I have a talent in composing messages and re-framing personal and professional communications in a way that enables the best impression and maximizes impact.

My parents own an electronic store and I would help them create flier designs and marketing campaigns. I guess the talent has crystallised into a strong skill-set over the years due to experience and learning.

I have sought great role models and mentors over the years. I have also put in the required time to do the reading and attend the training sessions whether at webinars or seminars. Obviously it’s a life-long learning journey and like the motto of my University says, “You live and you learn.”

BMW Liza: if you were to mentor 17–25 year old people, what would you intend to achieve with them?

Ebuka: I work closely with a non-profit “CORE Development Initiative” to inspire and equip youth of all ages to discover their talents, develop them and distribute them in the market place.

My goal is to get them to be self-reliant and create value for society by providing new value-based solutions or solve old problems.

With high unemployment rates, poverty and crime levels, I think I have my work cut out for me. I also have a weekly radio program on We F.M (106.3F.M) that is totally dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs and wannapreneurs on the various facets of business. Again the goal here is to create more entrepreneurs and encourage and empower youths to create value to society.

BMW Liza: your advice to teenagers and youths with identity crisis or troubled backgrounds (broken homes, rapes, addictions)

Your past is not an indicator of your future. And though you may have been going through a rough patch, if you realize that this didn’t only happen to you, but it is happening for you. Then you can reframe the reality to a more positive story and use your imagination and will to create a more empowering future. And one day your story will inspire others who may be going through what you once have been through.

Seek to realize that the future is still unwritten and tell yourself a more empowering story by changing your beliefs and worldview. This can only happen if you are conscious about how your belief may be holding you back. Seek a mentor or coach whose strategies you can model closely and get friends whose values inspire you to be a better version of themselves.


BMW Liza: your final word to mentors, parents, educators and the government.

The youths are no longer the leaders of tomorrow. Today is the tomorrow that we talked about in our yester-years.

So the job every parent and mentor has now is to make our youths realize that their job isn’t to point fingers or trade blames; but to accept that they can make valuable contributions as a result of the fact that they are even better positioned in the Information Age to create value and new connections which the baby-boomers from the Industrial Era can’t easily compete with.

millennials must therefore go beyond merely seeking out their passion but also seek out purpose. A purpose that’s more than just making money but first by creating or adding value to their community. Money becomes a natural by-product of value added.

Educators and mentors must not relent in constantly seeking new and more impactful ways of adding value that will satisfy individuals with various learning styles. And finally the Federal Government must continue in to create new policies to enable capital to be more easily accessible. Policies like mandating micro-finance banks to accept moveable assets as collateral as against just land. Also creating a credit score administration by the Central Bank will go a long way.

Furthermore perhaps the National Assembly should find a way to encourage graduates looking to start-up their own small business by making their NYSC certificates a collateral when seeking out loans from banks. This way, they aren’t trying to eat their cake and have it by way of seeking out a loans with it and still applying for a job, as you know possession of an NYSC is regarded as mandatory requirement. But rather they go on to start-up something.

We all should be starting something.

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