Because an act of consumption will never be a better use of time than an act of creation — of using your brain, abilities, and education to bring something new into the world.
Stop Reading
Ben Noble

Unless what you’ve just created is ill-informed, unoriginal or simply bad because you haven’t read enough beforehand. Whilst you argue that the act of reading a book has been put up on a pedestal, you’re guilty of doing the same with the act of creation.

Perhaps I’m being brutal but, whilst creating something may be of some value to the creator, it is not always of value to those who will go on to experience it (including the creator themselves in when they come back to it in the future). In fact, the vast majority of the time it isn’t. And it may be that creating something later or less often is more valuable if the creator is better read. So yes, writing is vital but trying to do it without a certain level of literary awareness is like trying to build a house without knowing what a brick looks like.

And besides, whilst buying a book is a form of consumption, reading one is not. Which I think is the point you were trying to make with reference to the internet (although the value of the largely unfiltered online content versus the highly filtered content of a published book is another argument entirely).

One could argue that the very act of reading a book and being changed by it is intrinsically an act of creation.

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