Complete step by step on how to mint your Poker Pepes 🐸

Poker Pepes
5 min readJun 18, 2022


This is simple guide on how to mint your desired amount of Poker Pepes!

Step 1: Download a DApp compatible wallet if you haven’t yet. Examples of wallets that are DApp compatible are Metamask, SafePal, Coinbase Wallet, etc. For this example, we’ll be using Metamask via Chrome!

Step 2: Once you’ve downloaded the wallet of your choice, head over to our mint DApp here:

The mint page will look like this:

Step 3: Click on “Connect your wallet to mint!” or “Connect” in the top right to connect your wallet to the DApp.

Step 4: After connecting, click on “Next”

Step 5: Click on “Connect”

Step 6: Once your wallet is fully connected, you’ll be directed to this section:

In this section there will be an L1 CKB address that is generated with our DApp via the wallet you connect with. This address is where you’ll deposit your CKB that you’ll be using to mint your pepes with.

This is the address that was generated with our wallet. So we’ll be depositing some CKB into the address for the mint. Once your CKB deposit comes through, your balance will update in the top right. (You may have to reload the page for it to fully sync.)

Once your balance is updated with the CKB you’re using to mint, you’re ready for the next step.

Step 7: This next step is to check if you’re on the whitelist or not. Head over to the whitelist verifier here:

In this section, you’ll be entering the wallet address you provided us to get on the whitelist.

If you are NOT on the whitelist, you’ll be met with this pop up:

If you ARE on the whitelist, you’ll be met with this success pop up:

If you’re on the whitelist, and see this successful pop up, wait a few seconds and then you’ll be automatically directed to the next section.

Step 8: At this next section, you’ll be entering the ( address of where you’d like your pepes to be airdropped to after minting. Along with your Twitter handle so that we can update you if need be.

After submitting the required information, you’ll be directed to the final section to mint your pepes.

Step 9: This is the final section, where you will be minting your Poker Pepes.

We deposited 30,000 CKB into the address that was generated, so we’ll be choosing to mint 3 Poker Pepes.

Once you’ve determined how many pepes you want to mint, click the “Mint Pepes” button, and then a request pop up will appear.

After clicking “Mint Pepes”, you’ll see a signature request that you will need to sign in order to finalize your minted pepes.

Click on “Sign” and then wait 30–60 seconds for the minting to finish, and then you’ll be met with a pop up of success if the mint was successful:

Step 10: Congratulations! You’ve successfully minted your desired amount of Poker Pepes. You’ll have token I.D.’s assigned to you which will correlate which pepes were randomly generated. Save the I.D. numbers somewhere if you’d like to reveal your pepes before we airdrop them via Kollect. Please wait a few hours to 1 day for your pepes to be revealed and airdropped to the account address that you provided.

If you’d like to see which pepes you minted before they hit your account, please open a ticket in our Discord ( and provide us with the I.D.’s that were assigned to you. If you didn’t save the I.D.’s, then provide the Kollect address you provided, or the Twitter handle you provided and we’ll be able to reveal which pepes you minted!

This is the complete guide on how to mint your Poker Pepes.