Kick mats seat back protectorsTop 3 Kick Mats — Car Accessories that protect the interior of your car

Charlotte West
Jul 28, 2017 · 3 min read
Kick Mats Seat Back Protectors

They say it’s what’s inside that counts, and that couldn’t be more true for your vehicle. When you have a new or quality car, protecting the interior of it from damage is imperative for preserving its value for years to come. Of course, that’s all easier said than done when you have kids.

When you have kids, it can be extremely challenging to keep the interior of your car in tip-top shape. Short of banishing them from ever riding in the car, the only other way to keep it looking clean and damage-free over the years is to protect it.

Kick Mats are an excellent solution to this dilemma that more and more parents are turning to in order to keep the shoes from the little ones they love from ruining leather and upholstery. There are many brands that make Kick Mats, however 3 of them dominate the market. Which one is best? We’ve got the details right here.

1. Britax Kick Mats

Britax kick mat

Kick Mats attach at the top and bottom of the seatback to secure it in place. The pack of 2 measure 17.4 x 22.5 in. They are made from water resistant fabric and can be washed in any washing machine. With deep mesh storage pockets at the top, they also serve as a place of organization for the backseat.

2. Brica Kick Mats

Brica Kick Mat

Brica Kick Mats also come in a package of 2. They measure 18 x 23 in., which is an upgrade from their previous model. With Grime Guard fabric, it makes clean up easy no matter what gets on them. Machine washable and water resistant, they protect the backs of your seats from your active kids.

3. Smiinky Kick Mats

Smiiny Kick Mats

Smiinky Kick Mats are the largest and most durable of them all. Made from super-strong and tough 1680 Denier, they can handle even the most extreme conditions from wet and muddy messes to angry kicky tantrums. The extra large size of 25" X 19" covers and protects more of the seatback, plus there are varieties that offer storage pockets to double as an organizer. The pack of 2 Kick Mats is easy to clean too by throwing them in the washing machine. They’re made to last even longer than your kids will be kids, but if there’s a problem, Smiinky is the only one that offers a Lifetime no-questions-asked replacement guarantee.

Our Pick

Because of the product guarantee that comes with Smiinky’s Kick Mats, many parents are favoring that brand. That’s because consumers want to make the most of their money. While all are affordable, Smiinky offers an even better value with the strongest material, largest size, and a product guarantee that assures parents of an investment that’s well-made. Which one will you choose to protect your car?