Top 4 Car Interior Seat Back Protector Accessories

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When you buy your first new car, you do everything to keep it looking in pristine condition. You may lovingly polish the chrome accents or massage leather cleaner to keep it looking and smelling fresh. But when kids come into the picture, how do you protect the interior of your precious car?

You don’t have to forgo having nice things like leather seats and a clean car when you have kids. The trick is to stay one step ahead by protecting the interior from them. Because, let’s face it. Kids are kids. Most of the time, they’re not maliciously plotting to destroy your best items. Even the best of kids make messes. No matter how sorry they are, the mess remains. Being proactive is the key to keeping your car’s interior from ruin.

So what can you use to protect your car’s interior from the damage done by children? Here are some ideas.

1. Use cupcake liners in your cup holders

This is a brilliant trick that helps keep all those odds and ends in one place and stops cup holders from becoming encrusted in crumbs and cemented with juice. Though don’t use the paper ones. Get the silicon cupcake liners. You can wash them when they get grimy and they’ll be good as new.

2. Use car seat protectors

If your children sit in car seats or boosters, it’s important to have car seat protectors underneath them. They grip the car seat in place and prevent it causing friction on your upholstery. They also stop spills and messes from trickling onto the upholstery below so you’ll never remove the car seat to find some ancient pile of mystery food debris. And even when kids are big enough to sit in the seat without a car seat or booster, car seat protectors help guard against spills and wear and tear so your car will always look clean.

3. Buy Kick Mats

Kids kick their feet in the car. They can’t help it when they’re singing along or playing. And sometimes they do it on purpose when they’re angry. All that kicking does some major damage. Plus, if the weather is inclement, they’ll likely be tracking mud, wet soggy mess, and more on their shoes.

Seat back protector kick mats

Using Kick Mats is the best way to stop the damage before it starts. There are some great kick mats out there that are large enough to cover the entire seatback, machine washable, and they have a variety of durable choices including ones that double as car organizers to hold snacks, drinks, books, and toys in place.

4. Only allow certain types of food and drink

Before kids, every person that has ever become a parent has declared they will never let their kids eat in the car. Welcome to the real world! Snacks and drinks are necessary to keep the peace. That being said though, make rules about what kinds of food and drink are allowed in your car. Make a habit of only allowing foods that can vacuum up with ease like dry cereal, trail mix, or mini-cookies. Avoid fruits, ice cream, puddings, or anything greasy.