What are Kick Mats? Are they essential interior accessories for cars?

If you have children, you need Kick Mats. If you’re not sure what those are, they are quite simply durable mats that attach to the backsides of the front seats. The heavy duty material, which is machine washable, then bears the brunt from all the lashings your children dole out on it, whether they mean to or not.

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Maybe you don’t think much of your child kicking your seat as you drive along, trying to drown out the sounds of her 10th rendition of “Let It Go” by turning up your favorite tunes from the 1990s. Perhaps you hardly notice when your son says he hates you for not buying him ice cream and instead of kicking your head in, he’s kicking the front passenger seat in front of him. Whatever the case, whether our kids mean to or not, they’re doing heaps of damage to the interiors of our vehicles.

Backseat back protector

The problem with that is when you go to trade in your car for a newer model. All that kicking from your children scuffs and damages the seats and that directly impacts your resale value. Even if they’re not actively kicking the seats, rainy days and field sports make for dirty, muddy shoes which can easily leave permanent stains even with minimal contact to the seatback. And if you lease your vehicle, imagine the penalties you’ll receive from having marked up, stained, and damaged seats!

Kick Mats are absolutely essential interior accessories for your car. They’re also essential for the grandparents or any other caregiver that spends time shuttling your children around. No one buys a car to trash it up and make it worthless. While kids usually mean no harm, they are often completely oblivious to the damage they do until it’s too late, especially if they play sports and don’t notice how filthy their shoes are after a game.

By using Kick Mats, you protect your car and keep its value intact. You also don’t have to cringe or hit that high-pitched parent voice that you make when you know your children are destroying the only good possessions you have. Let them kick the daylights out of your seats and leave your worries behind. Kick Mats are designed to withstand all the turmoil across both seat backs. You get two in one package so you’ll always have protection for both seatbacks. When they become dirty, simply toss them into the washing machine and they’ll be good as new again.

Easy to clean and maintain, Kick Mats are the game changer for every car ride with kids, near or far, making it finally possible to have nice things even with children.