Michael Danziger, May 28, 2020

Tragically, like seemingly everything else today, the COVID outbreak provides a lens for people to magnify their worldview. Forgive me for calling them this, but the “hardest of hearts” will say that immigrants are bringing disease into the American body and that this risk reinforces…

Kathleen Hill, June 8, 2020

Artwork by Erica Lexia

There have been more deaths from Covid-19 in the zip code where
I live than in any other in Manhattan. Our neighborhood includes
Morningside Heights and Central Harlem. It is now well
documented that black and brown people have suffered the highest
rate of mortality from Covid -19 in…

Sanctuary Song

Sanctuarysong.com is a site advocating for immigrant rights, social justice and compassion for all humans, and identifying resources for getting involved.

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