Who want to be a software engineer?

That sounds like participating at a famous game. It’s an observation that everybody want to be a software engineer today. Back in 1848 those guys would have been to Sacramento, CA to find gold. Of course it mostly ends like it is always the case: more souvenirs in mind than pockets full of gold nuggets.

Does it really matter?

I think that being part of such movement is a real opportunity. Even if you don’t radically change the world with your ideas, you can influence it at least. Far after your death, you might become even more popular that you ever be when alive.

At the end what really matter is the passion you have for what you do. For me I can summarize it by saying that I always loved any kind of technology. From early MP3 player to ATARI FALCON 030 I have always been attracted by what you can do with so little pieces of technology.

Why Holberton School?

A new era, a new way of thinking. This school is not only recognized for its excellent courses but also because they are making bets on each single student who join the program. The both parties are taking a risk and this should always be like this. No fees to get the knowledge.

I hope this school while influence the future of teaching .. or change it radically!