The disarmingly true tale of David, American Legionnaire
Dan Kassis

Dan Kassis, I just saw this and read it — such a beautiful piece and it brought back lovely memories with you my dear, dear friend. You were never a David, Daveed, or Danielle — you were my & Chris’ Danny. Thank you for the kind words you spoke of me, however, I wanted you to know that I was never surprised that you won that award. You were so talented, intelligent, hard working, dedicated, interesting, kind, and fun. You could imitate Kermit like no one I ever knew and you freely gave of your musical talent to provide drum cadence and pizazz to our pep rallies and big football game. You were and still are a dynamite person and someone I’m honored to stand next to as a fellow American Legionnaire, human being, and friend. Much, much love to you!

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