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Jan 3 · 4 min read

by Jacechu

Post 1: Memory System

Hello! I’m Jace, and I’m here to show you some forgotten stuff for the Sims 4 every other Friday! I want to do this because I’ve noticed a lot of people saying that they were bored of the Sims 4, and realized there were a lot of interesting things in the game that many may not know about, or simply forgot about. I was originally going to do this in video format, and honestly, some things I’ll be showing you would probably be best to show you in video format, but I am going to give writing it out and providing screenshots where applicable a go! First and foremost, I need to give a huge shout out to Tech0Babble for allowing me this space, and for being patient with me as this article column was supposed to be started quite some time ago. Thank you, Techn0, you are truly a legend!

To kick off this article column, I will start off by saying there IS a memory system in The Sims 4! I’m going to tell you how to use it! First, you need a Sim that’s in a specific mood other than “Fine”.

Once you have that, you’ll need to click the Camera Icon. For your convenience, I’ve circled the icon, as well as pointed out my toddler is in a happy mood. (Please ignore the awkward Welcome Wagon! For future reference, the lot trait “Private Dwelling” cancels the Welcome Wagon if it annoys you!)

Once you click that icon, a small menu will pop up. I’ve gone ahead and circled the icon you’ll need to click next!

Now you’ll be taken to the Screenshot Manager. Assuming you have a minimal number of screenshots, finding the one you just took should not be difficult. However, if you have many screenshots, it’ll be more tricky!

Once you’ve found your screenshot, you will see a Make Memory button. Click it.

You’ll now notice that I’ve now turned the screenshot into a Happy memory. This will work with ANY emotion, not just happy.

If you go back to Screenshot Manager, you’ll see your memory there, and the little green head icon is available to click on with an interaction that says “view”, which will take you another screen that will allow you to “Reminisce”. It’s a cute interaction that gives your Sim a moodlet of the mood the memory is of! That memory will give my toddler a happy moodlet, but if it were a focused memory, a playful memory, or anything like that, it’d give that mood instead!

Some extremely important notes: You CANNOT remove, delete, rename, or subfolder your screenshots and have them work with the Screenshot Manager. This means it could be quite a pain to do across multiple save files. I am of the opinion it works the BEST for one save only. If you play with multiple saves, perhaps use the memory system with your main save to avoid a hugely cluttered screenshot folder that you can’t even organize or rename.

Alright, I have one more quick thing to talk about. Since University’s release, I realize there may be storytelling regarding housing and moving that you may want to tell. Have you ever wanted to move a Sim out but leave everything except what’s in your inventory? I have, and have often been a little confused as to how do this.

If you wish to move OUT of a housse AND leave it fully furnished (including items like gravestones, collectables your Sim has found, paintings and photographs your Sim has done, and things of that nature), simply remember to click “Sell Furniture”. The wording is confusing, but it does NOT make everything in the old house disappear. It simply pays you the value of them, as though someone else has bought these objects from you.

IF you deselect “fill homes” in the Gameplay tab of Settings, that home will sit there forever just like you left it. From a meta perspective, you could theoretically use that to store a gravestone without making that Sim disappear forever, haunting you, OR having it take up a somewhat creepy slot in your inventory.

And that concludes my first Forgot Friday piece! Do you have some hidden piece of gameplay that you love and don’t see talked about? Let me know! I am available on Twitter at @jacechu and can be contacted in the Simmer’s Society Discord under the handle @jacechu as well!

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