If you’re really hitting down the line to approach someone good enough for you; explore a new #Lovedating app in the market- ‘Spate’. This app is solely built to present both the young and the old a great opportunity to fill that ‘someone special’ space in their life. Although some vaguely promoted apps like ‘Tinder’ has taken to the roots of #Speeddating and online hook-ups but is spotted unsuccessful in terms of building long lasting relationships. The main drawback being, tinder focuses more on revealing looks of the people than their real being. So, if you don’t want to dodge on someone ‘not made for you’ try Spate. Spate may not have gained much recognition like tinder but it is 100% goal oriented, where real relations bloom out of lovely conversations. 
Here’s one story unfolded by a history student from New Jersey named Lucy Steven. She seemed fanatically overwhelmed while sharing her experience with spate. Jop baker is her new boyfriend whom she met on spate a few months back. She said before Jop she had been in a horrible relationship with a guy based out of New Jersey. He was humiliating and short-tempered; she got to face a really harsh time with him and though she loved him, ended up soon. 
As she couldn’t get herself out of him completely, she went worried hooking up with other guys. Spate helped her overcome this fear. Its impeccable built-up application helps to keep your identity anonymous to the other person unless you’re ready to show up. She said “Spate is a great platform to know someone. Looks really don’t matter when it’s about being happy from within.”She got to chat with 3 guys and then met Jop on Spate. She says Jop is polite, instant with his replies and genuine too. She took conversations with him as an easy way around talking day and nights. 
Jop is a 25 years old football player who lives with his family in the same city; they both now make visits to each other places and spend most of their time together. It’s a small world after all. Lucy is once again happy in her life and Jop adores her a lot. They both are even planning a short vacation to Paris next weekend. Isn’t it beautiful? Yes! It is. At last, all we remember is that Lucy is happy and is with someone who understands her. 
So, I guess, if our strings attach to someone nothing can be more beautiful and joyous in this world. Opposites may attract but in a long run, same ideologies get to fuse peacefully. ( 
What are you thinking? Meet people who are like you nonetheless if not just love, sometimes you find friends for life, only @spate. 
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