What is Contacts PRO?

For many of us one of the most important information are the contacts and their data on our smartphones.

Their names, pictures and personal details are considered hypersensitive for lots of users around the world, therefore the secure management of all these information is amongst the highest priorities.

Since we use several smart devices from phones through watches to the exotic devices we can find on the web, the overall device diversity is steadily increasing by the year, yet we still don’t have a proven, tested and reliable software solution to manage our contacts securely on every device we use.

We searched for a smart contact manager application to solve various management problems, but all we found were inferior or single-platform-only software.

What we wanted was a powerful, yet easy-to-use and truly cross-platform contact manager app, a software, that looks beautiful and behaves familiar, an essential and productive contact manager.

So we created Contacts PRO.

Contacts PRO manages every aspects of contact data securely.

A high performance, cross-platform, resource-friendly contact manager application with enterprise-grade security available on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, on smartwatches and in browsers.

It comes with adaptive machine learning, heuristic spam & scam protection engine, seamless data synchronization, built-in, fail-safe backup, version control, scriptable automation, end-to-end encryption, current location of device and contact, highly customizable UI/UX and wide 3rd party support from social sites to task managers.

The Smart Assistant for You and Your Contacts

Contacts PRO is available as a native application on all platforms.

Access, edit and organize your contacts on any device, any platform, securely, no matter you use the latest bleeding edge technology, or a 10 year old device.

  • CONTACT MANAGER: Manage, organize and find your contacts quickly and intuitively. Optimize, filter and sort the details of your contacts in every possible aspect. List the local services and important local phone numbers dynamically based on your needs.
  • SEAMLESS SYNC: Synchronize your contacts and all of their information seamlessly and securely and get the most recent data updates on all of your linked devices with low battery and bandwidth usage. Update once, use and access everywhere.
  • ADVANCED DIALER: Accept only the calls you really want, where you want. No more unneeded, unchecked or forgotten calls. Prioritize your contacts, use the smart logs to quickly access your unanswered calls and unleash the potential of your devices.
  • SMART STORAGE: Store and save your own profile and your contacts the way, that suits your current needs the most. Fast data access, security, data integrity and performance is guaranteed.

The Personalized Guardian of Your Privacy

The End-to-End encryption ensures high level security between devices and the cloud.

Your device, your usage behavior, your history. These are the information, that most of the 3rd parties on the web want to know about you in detail.

We provide the necessary user protection and contact data security you need to keep your privacy to the exact level you want it.

  • USER PROTECTION: Enjoy the privacy, protection and security with Contacts PRO offering various features to identify unknown or hidden phone numbers, protect users and contacts from harmful scammers and secure your sensitive data upon tampering or in case of a lost device.
  • ADVANCED BACKUP: Never loose data again with our advanced, adaptive, fail-safe, fault-tolerant backup solution. Backup your own profile and your contacts without a hassle, securely. Choose the backup strategy, that suits you the best and forget about data loss.
  • VERSION CONTROL: Track the changes of your contacts, easily revise modifications from simple phone numbers to images, delete or undelete contacts, or specific contact data and undo or redo as much as you need without data loss or corruption.

The Complete Tool Set for Your Contacts

Contacts PRO provides a reliable, efficient, easy-to-use and secure way to manage your contacts.

Whether you need to clean up your contacts, update their pictures based on their social media profiles, check their phone numbers and email addresses for validity, edit, move or merge contact data from your devices, SIM cards and online accounts, or just automate these tasks in general.

Contacts PRO provides the complete tool set for your contact data management needs.

  • CONTACT DATA: Get the latest contact data updates seamlessly, validate your contacts and never miss a phone number, an email address or a location change again. Check the status and availability of your contacts and know the right time for the right call.
  • 3RD PARTY SUPPORT: Constantly updated, wide variety of 3rd party support for your favorite social sites, task management services, organizers, email clients, calendars, cloud storages and many other sites.
  • DATA MANAGER: Create and update your profile quickly and effortlessly, establish common data structures between your contacts, import contact data from any sources you want or export your contacts and their information in any file type.

The Smartest Contact Manager

Any device, any platform, securely.

Often with cross-platform software the user experience suffers the most.

Regardless of your device and platform, many software comes with unique quirks and deficiencies for you to learn and overcome, yet these apps often ignore the fundamental user experience of your device and platform, that you got used to.

We think it is unnecessary and a waste of time for you to be the one, who adapts. The actual software, the tool, the app, that should adapt to the user. To You.

With adaptive machine learning and flexible, highly customizable UI/UX, Contacts PRO provides a cross-platform solution to ensure the best possible user experience just the way you want it, the way you actually like it.

  • ADAPTIVE USER EXPERIENCE: Native look-and-feel of your platform or productive unified layout, Contacts PRO provides several powerful capabilities to customize your user experience exactly the way you want, where you want.
  • DETAILED CUSTOMIZATION: Try, change and fine-tune practically any aspect of Contacts PRO from simple look-and-feel customizations to complete control of your own profile data, status, location and availability.
  • SMART SHARING: Total control over your own profile data, status, location, availability and activity. Securely send, receive and share any contact-related data without a hassle.

The Safest Contact Data Service

The Zero-Knowledge Cloud Storage system ensures fast and secure connection between your devices.

With our unique zero-knowledge cloud storage technology, Contacts PRO communicates between devices and the cloud in a way, that only you can access your data. No 3rd party peeks and creeps.

  • ADMINISTRATION: Overview, setup, manage, analyze and administer every aspect of Contacts PRO to suit your organization needs including role, permission, user, device and configuration managements.
  • INTEGRATION: Unleash and use the powerful features of the world’s best contact manager system to boost your contact data management and reduce the overall burden of sensitive data handling in your organization.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: Change the different aspects and details of Contacts PRO, then preview on your devices and package your own set of customizations to the level your company needs.

The Most Secure Organizer

Contacts PRO provides enterprise-grade security to your sensitive data.

Contacts PRO provides enterprise security with End-to-End encryption between each linked devices and the cloud and utilizes a 100% private, zero-knowledge cloud storage technology on the back-end.

And when you need personalized security, Contacts PRO comes with customizable, multi-factor authentication, configurable data access rights, linked device location, per-event/per-situation remote lockdowns and panic mode for you.

  • ENTERPRISE SECURITY: Built with high level security in mind from the get-go on both client-side and server-side. The constantly pen-tested, zero-knowledge private cloud system communicating with the Contacts PRO clients using end-to-end AES encryption ensures enterprise security.
  • CLOUD: With the best of the class contact management features and premium enterprise services of Contacts PRO comes dedicated support for major cloud service providers, customized cloud solutions, or your own, in-house cloud infrastructure.
  • DEPLOYMENT: Manage, run, review and automate your deployment processes from simple tasks to complete, self- and cross-dependent jobs with customizable, unattended installers, advanced scheduling and configurable activities.

The Superior Application

Contacts PRO is available on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, on smartwatches and in browsers.

Contacts PRO runs on your favorite device, on your favorite platform, it is quick to learn and easy to use, simple enough for everyday usage and offers practically limitless customization capabilities for superusers, organizations and enterprises.

The bleeding edge of data management technology without the steep learning curve with built-in automation, modular feature customization and adaptive data compression for low data and bandwidth usage.

  • FULL AUTOMATION: Design, build and automate your workflow, your common and recurring tasks and let Contacts PRO with the help and cooperation of your device to do the work for you while you go on with your day.
  • MODULAR DESIGN: Built from the get-go with modularity in mind, each main feature sets of Contacts PRO is fully componentized and contained within its own module, that can be turned on or off(toggled). This powerful design aspect, the ability to turn off unneeded features and to use only the specific features you really need ensures maximum performance and enhanced battery life per device.
  • DEVELOPER TOOLS: With several powerful tools and services, Contacts PRO provides the means to ensure productive software development including an extensively documented API with practical examples, configurable sandbox and support for different assets and plugins by developers to developers.

The Full Experience At Your Fingertips

Contacts PRO offers the best possible user experience on your favorite device.

We made Contacts PRO to be powerful, efficient and smart. To ensure the necessary flexibility in order to be useful for everyone on any platform, Contacts PRO comes with modular structure.

You use only those features and capabilities you find useful on your favorite device. No clutter, no mess, no slowdowns.

  • CROSS-PLATFORM: Full cross-platform support for practically any platform. On mobile and tablet platforms Contacts PRO is a fully functioning, native mobile app. On desktop platforms it is a dedicated, native, desktop application. No multi-level, wrapped WebViews or slow HTML/JS solutions. Contacts PRO is developed specifically for the platforms you use with the native speed and capabilities of your device, your platform.
  • BUILT-IN ACCESSIBILITY: Accessible technology to everyone including people with disabilities. With the aid of assistive contact data, customizable contrast and display settings, color vision deficiency adjustments and standard accessibility guidelines, Contacts PRO is made for everyone.
  • INTEGRATED SUPPORT: Find the answers to your questions from general contact data management topics to specific, unique cases and resolve your issues ASAP right from Contacts PRO using the context-sensitive help assistant.

The Best Contact Manager App

The Contacts PRO Kickstarter video.

Contacts PRO comes with many powerful features and capabilities to fully adapt to your usage behavior and help you with your contacts:

  • Available on 5 major platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux) and on Android- and iOS-compatible wearables (smartwatches)
  • Support for every modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, IE)
  • Enterprise-Grade Security with End-to-End Encryption and Zero-Knowledge private cloud system
  • Every feature and subfeature is available on all platforms to the extent the specific platform legally allows the particular feature.
  • Wide support for other platforms and devices (Windows Phone, BlackBerry, FreeBSD, Solaris and more)
  • Designed to be extensible and customizable in order to fine-tune for practically any smart device (including legacy devices and platforms)
  • Small, powerful and high performance modern C++ core with platform-specific extensions
  • Per-platform, high performance native application
  • Constantly tested and pen-tested on 100+ physical devices through 1200+ unit tests
  • Fully-featured, extensive API, sandbox and asset support with practical examples and well-written guides

Share, Follow, Support

We launched a Kickstarter campaign for Contacts PRO and we need your help.

Almost every person and tester to whom we introduced, presented and provided Contacts PRO liked it much more than other contact management applications and solutions.

Crowdfunding is our most viable option to the biggest stumbling block, that is spreading the word about our product.

In order to achieve our mission to provide a cross-platform, smart, secure and easy-to-use contact manager, we ask for your help and support.

Help us make Contacts PRO a reality.

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