#KilayGoals: An Arch for All Seasons

You see, I have barely-there brows. Not only was I born with thin brows — they are also bitin. If I would list the ~struggles~ of a thin-and-bitin-brow girl like me in this thick-brow world, this would be it:

  1. Drawing on my brows has been an everyday staple. Basically, Youtube beauty bloggers have become my best friend.
  2. Pencil. Gel. Marker. Powder. Wax. Name it— I’ve literally tried (and owned) them all.
  3. ^ I never leave home without any of them in my bag. They are my version of a first-aid kit.
  4. I literally freak out every time I accidentally erase my brows.
  5. Sweat — not to mention oily skin — is my number one enemy.
  6. My peers, not to mention my crush, have yet to see me without my brows on. And I’m keeping it that way.
  7. Once I’ve washed my brows off, I am not leaving the house. Not ever. Not in this lifetime.
  8. ^ That’s why last-minute Girls’ Night Out is NOT in my vocabulary.
  9. I have a ~love-hate~ relationship with summer. While the sun, salt, sea, and sand are a good idea, basking in the heat of the sun would make me sweat. (Backread #5) Plus the thought that my brows would completely disappear once I plunge into the waters makes me ~cringe~ already.

Now summer is just around the corner and my friends and I have beach plans already. And I have no plans of backing out (though I would want to!). So I heard about Ada Viva’s Eyebrow Embroidery, a semipermanent cosmetic tattooing that mimics real eyebrows. I availed it and it indeed gave my brows a neat, natural look that I wanted. My brows do look real my friends could not even tell that they are made up. My eyebrows turned out the way I wanted them to be, of course with the advice and assistance from Dra. Ada, Ada Viva Expert Skin Care’s resident beauty consultant. (Read: the consultation is FREE!)

Finally! I’m spared the hassle of having to worry from time to time whether my brows have worn off due to summer’s heat or whether they have been washed off as I wade through the crystal clear waters of the beach! It will be a blast for me this summer indeed! What’s more, I am now always ready for Girls’ Night Out — even when it’s on short notice.

Thanks, Ada Viva, for having my brows covered — literally and figuratively! ;)

Beautifully Yours,
Bella ❤

To avail Ada Viva’s Eyebrow Embroidery, do book an appointment via these numbers: (02)3520703 and (+63)9175772616 or you may also send us a message and we will gladly assist you with the process! This service is available at Ada Viva Expert Skin Care 86 Bansalangin St., Project 7, Quezon City (Across SM North Annex Blg).
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