Our Story

Opened just last year 2016, Ada Viva Skin Expert clinic started as a home clinic which initially was founded upon Dra. Ada’s passion to make people — men and women alike — beautiful.

The name Ada Viva, coined by Dra. Ada herself, is an amalgam of the words ADA and VIVA, which stand for the two core values they uphold — beauty and wellbeing.

Ada is an acrostic for both Dra. Ada’s name (Adalyn Daway Almora) — thus giving the business a personal touch — and the services her clinic provides i.e. Aesthetic, Dermatologic, and Anti-Aging Services that constitute the beauty aspect of the services Ada Viva offers. Meanwhile, Viva means life which stands for the spa services aimed for the wellness of its clients.

Surprisingly, Ada Viva’s customer reach extended to OFWs in the Middle East and other parts of the world. In fact, they have become Ada Viva’s customer baseline. We address them as our #belovedbalikbayans who, when going home from abroad, takes their time to visit our clinic to first pamper and beautify themselves before they go back to their provinces and meet again their loved ones. Most of them avail our Eyebrow Embroidery and leave satisfied because it effortlessly gives them a new look, a revamp in their appearance. True enough, Ada Viva has become “a thing” balikbayans look forward to.

Many also of Ada Viva’s clientele are either urban professionals who want to maintain, if not improve, their appearance and reward themselves for their hard work, or the people around their neighborhood who would just like to give themselves some pampering. True enough, the common ground our clients share is the desire to not let go of oneself amidst the busyness of life and still make time to attend to their needs to be pampered, beautified, and spoiled a bit.

As we seek to unite and take care of our clients, this in turn has fine-tuned Ada Viva’s service. With the aim to make the beauty experience personalized, Ada Viva customized and categorized its services into the following: #skindulge (for self-fulfillment, for those who want to reward themselves after a day, a week, or a month’s hard work), #skintegrate (for self-care, for those who want to incorporate Ada Viva’s programs to their beauty routine), and #skinergy (came from the words skin and synergy, which is an integration for both self-care and self-fulfillment).

Coincidentally, the name is a prophecy of what would eventually be Ada Viva’s focal mission: to deliver holistic beauty experience by nurturing beauty and wellbeing. And a year after, here we are — one that started as a home clinic but it’s just as true today. To the urban professional, the OFW, or that neighbor right next to our clinic, Ada Viva has grown to be a sanctuary, a personal haven, a home away from home.

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