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Sep 18 · 3 min read

How to Recover Yahoo Mail Address or Password.

Anyone can easily recover Yahoo password if he remembers his Yahoo mail id, so it is also important that you should recognize your correct yahoo mail address for recovering yahoo password.

Yahoo Mail Recovery

If you forgot when it was the last time you connected to your Yahoo account, and then maybe also forgot your Yahoo Mail ID. But Yahoo allows you two ways to recover your Yahoo account:

  1. Enter your mobile phone number so that you can get your mail-id.
  2. Or, enter an alternate email address, which you have saved at the time of creating a yahoo account.

Yahoo Password Recovery

Those who recognize their Yahoo mail ID but want to recover the Yahoo password should continue similarly:

  1. Visit Yahoo Mail and snap on the section “Trouble signing in”
  2. Then Yahoo will ask you to enter the email id or phone number.
  3. Once you enter a correct email id or phone number then Yahoo will send you Yahoo password recovery instructions.

By following the above directions you can recover your Yahoo password easily, but if you are still facing issue then you need to talk with Yahoo customer service representative for support.

How to Recover Old Deleted Emails

Did you mistakenly delete your old important emails? Well, there is a way to recover them kindly follow some steps.

  1. Visit your Yahoo mail inbox.
  2. Now open the “Trash folder”.
  3. Pick the messages you want to retrieve.
  4. Move them to a new folder.

How to take Support for temporary errors

Yahoo temporary errors are common, which mostly occurs due to a network issue or cache problems. But sometimes it’s irritating a lot if you urgently need to send an official email.

There are large numbers of list about yahoo mail temporary errors, but the most common temporary error is 14,15,16,18 & 19 which can be easily resolved with the help of yahoo support.

Difficulty in Yahoo mail attachment

Yahoo mail offers multiple ways to attach files to your emails, such as drag & drop or Shift-click to add numerous files at once, but there are some conditions. If you are having difficulty in attaching files, the file may be too big or you may have too many attachments.

Reason for not attaching a file on yahoo

The number of attachments: You can only attach 50 files on Yahoo mail, so if you have more than that, remove some attachments.

Large files: Check the file size it should not exceed than 25 Mb.

Same file: Yahoo Mail does not permit you to attach files with the same name in the same email. So kindly change the name of the file.

How to enable yahoo 2 steps verification method

With the authentication factor in 2 steps, you can secure your email account from hackers, because you will get an extra cover of security so that you don’t fall into the loot.

Enable two steps verification

1. Fist login into your account, then click on your name and go to the yahoo account security page.

2. You will see the option “ two-step verification”

3. Once you turn on the option Yahoo will ask you the phone number, kindly enter your correct phone number.

4. Yahoo will send you the text which will have to enter to complete the process.

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