Contemporary Art with sense of Movement Magic and Technology
Contemporary Art
We all know technology is the king of today’s world. Whatever we do is through help of technology, whatever we see is somehow because of technology. Technology has become integral part of modern world and therefore, attracting contemporary artists to create art based on technology.
Today, we began to pay more attention to emerging artists Huang Zhi Quan exhibition “gap”, which focus on the use of computer technology. Huang Zhi Quan awarded the 2014 Hong Kong Arts Development Council Award for Young Artist (Media Arts group), and was elected “Bloomberg digital art Development Programme 2013” (Hong Kong).
The exhibition “gap” is an unique contemporary art to be presented at Pearl Lam Galleries in Hongkong. Gap focuses on new media art works include: “The List” (2008), which was shut-dimensional video recording works at the age of 18 he made suicide. This video about love, repentance and confession was recorded artists loved the woman’s name. “The Hallway” (2016 Nian) is shut-dimensional inspired by their childhood memories and the creation of stand-alone video game works. Game show perspective of a father being thrown out because the corridor outside the home while wandering children under five years of wandering. Players are forced to confront the contradictions of space, in order to jointly bear children show of anxiety. “The Words After” (2016) was shut dimension to his speech impediment and creative video production.
Another exhibition “The Dist” (2016) by the side of the pendulum upside down in a large LCD display configuration, playing a pair of eyes nearly shot videos. Works inspired by two people get along, their eye contact that intimate moment with uncertain variables in bilateral relations caused.
Huang Zhi Quan believes that now everyone is dealing with science and technology, therefore people will understand a few words of head of artistic expression and the connotation of the device Art. This time the exhibition GAP will continue until mid-September at Pearl Lam Galleries, Hongkong.