4 Tips For Creating Artwork

The process of becoming an artist is both a difficult and a long one. In order to become a master, you’re going to have to hone the talent that you already possess into creating something that’s both great and innovative. As it is with anything that you’re trying to master, you need to start with the basics if you want to end up being successful. Here are a few tips that you can get started with that will immediately make your artwork more accessible and more aesthetically pleasing.

1. Focal Point Focus

Something to be cognizant of when you’re working out your artistic composition is where the focal point of the piece is. The focal point, put simply, is the place in your piece where the eye is drawn when someone looks at the piece. In order to establish a focal point, many artists use techniques such as contrasting dark with light, contrasting color, providing some sort of character, such as a person to the piece, or making the focal point more detailed than the rest of the piece. This establishes a center of focus for the piece and makes it more interesting to look at. If you want to create artwork that will land you in an exhibition one day, you need to start with the artwork that has a focal point.

2. Utilize Negative Space

Rethink the space in your artwork. Sometimes it’s not about the brush strokes that you make, but rather, the ones that you don’t make. Negative space, or space that remains untouched or white, is one of the best ways that you can establish a minimalistic feel with the viewer of your piece. Minimalism is one of the most respected sects of contemporary art, so utilizing negative space when you can is going to give your piece a more contemporary feel.

3. The Rule of Thirds

One of the best ways that artists can easily make their artwork more aesthetically pleasing is to utilize the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds states that if you cut your artwork into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, there should be a relationship between the various focal points of your piece. The artists then leaves a third of the piece without a focal point, which ends up making it much more aesthetically pleasing. Utilize the rule of thirds if you want for your work to come out looking great.

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